Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

It's below freezing here. The cats are under the blankets with me.

A day of slow technology. I attempted to clone my Macbook disk to the house file server and failed because imagine me explaining here. The backup attempts took the Macboot out of commission all day. No writing took place, which frustrates me because I have several bunnies running at once right now, all intended to reach post-ability on Tuesday. No writing, no reading. I did play some WoW, but that's it for my weekend mmo-ing.

My Christmas present this year is a new iPod, one that can play video, replacing a very ancient iPod. I cranked Buffy season 4 down with Handbrake and stuck it on. Looks fab. Yay!

I'll rewatch S4 at odd moments over the next couple of weeks. Several of my in-progress things are set in S4, so it's time for a refresh of canon details. My urges to depart into the land of AUness get very strong in S4, because the canon arc is so boring. Strong season arcs, like seasons 2 and 3, or season 5, generally make me want to tell smaller stories wound around the canon plots.

Tomorrow: West Wing-a-thon with sahiya and nemaihne. I will inflict more Pushing Daisies on them all, and also show sahiya the joys of the Ninth Doctor.

Until I conk out: poking at a story.
Tags: geek

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