BPAL I just dug out of my messenger bag

Krampus: Sinister red musk, black leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches. (Weird, but I like it.)
Lick It One More Time: A peppermint candy cane with a flash of vanilla and an extra jolt of sugar. (The bottle smells like the description, but I haven't worn it yet.)
Egg Nog: Sweet brandy, dark rum, heavy cream, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg. According to officemate #3, this makes me smell "like a chocolate chip cookie". It makes me want to drink eggnog.
Mistletoe: (no official notes list). Pine-o-matic. Very sharp when wet. Makes me smell like a Christmas wreath.
Lycaon: Blackened myrrh, crushed olive leaf, black musk, spikenard, frankincense, cypress wood, opoponax, white ginger, and patchouli. Mmmmm, soft and incense-y.
Mechanical Phoenix: Copper gears, brass cogs, fused wiring, scorched iron, and motor oil. Less like machinery, and more like a pleasant men's cologne than the description would lead one to believe.

I'm wearing Eggnog today. Mmmmm.

Eggnog: pro or con? Store-bought or home-made? Spiked or not?

I'll cast my vote: freshly-made, with sinful eggs, cream, sugar, rum, and fresh spices. Guh.

ETA: Coworker just gave me eggnog! Store-bought, but hey. Eggnog!
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Eggnog ultra-pasteurized, cause raw eggs'll make you sick. And there's no scent sexier in men's cologne than motor oil. I can't even guess what things like spikenard smell like, but I enjoy the descriptions nonetheless.
Raw eggs might be dangerous to the very young or the very old, or anybody immuno-compromised. The salmonella danger is a little overblown.

But then, I'm a big fan of the "a well-exercised immune system is a strong immune system" approach.
I would amend that recipe as follows: in a separate bowl, whip the egg whites until stiff. Fold them into the rest of the ingredients, then serve. (Hmm, it's possible other ingredient amounts change as well to accomodate. Will have to look this one up when I get home.)
Eggnog anyway you can get, I say! In fact, I just had an eggnog icecream sandwich. It was lacking in rum, but still good.

Also, I'm insanely jealous of you and your BPAL. I need to leave myself a note to order some!

Thanks for reviewing.

I restrained myself this Yule-- that was practically all I got. (The Lycaon was a full moon scent from earlier in the year.) Dia de Reyes was the other one, and OMG it smells exactly like a mug of the best cocoa you've ever had. Either that or like fresh chocolate cake.
Eggnog is dangerous in the hobgoblinn household, but only because wee hob has an unfortunate tendency to drink a whole carton in on sitting. We do not keep the spiked variety on hand, for obvious reasons. I do add a bit of whiskey to a glass if I can get any before wee hob guzzles it all down. Never made it from scratch myself, but I recall a rather memorable New Year's Eve gathering at the retirement home I was a night guard at during grad school, where they poured me a glass and set it aside for after I got off duty. Lord. I'm shocked any of them could navigate back to their rooms after indulging-- I had to cut it with 3/4 nogless egg nog to be able to swallow it, there was so much Virginia Gentlemen in the mix....It was really like drinking lightly eggnog flavored straight whiskey.

Your scents sound lovely.