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Things to be noted, things to be done.

Things to be noted
1. I made peony tea in my office yesterday, thanks to tea sent by kivrin and glass infusing mug, ditto.
2. I found miriam_heddy's post on teaching writing students about plagiarism, in the context of the controversy about the OTW legal team, to be interesting.
3. I bought a second copy of The Black Powder War because I couldn't find my first. When we got home from the bookstore, Mr P walked over to my original copy, picked it up, and said, "You mean this book?"
4. The journal now has wintry Giles in blues. I need to redo the entire layout. I was reading something about quiet structure in design recently, and thinking that I need to apply those principles here.
5. Buffy got a letter yesterday in the real-mail RPG game I'm failing to be useful in.
6. Half of the songs in the lyrics meme thing are still un-guessed, including one mega-famous song by a mega-famous band. Mr Pedia amused me by guessing the unguessed ones by a process of deduction, using things he knew about me.
7. The Christmas Day ficletspampoll is still open, if you haven't requested something.
8. I am writing.

Things to be done
1. Thank kivrin.
2. Link to the post here.
3. Apply palm to face.
4. Find some moments to push pixels around in Photoshop and see what looks good. Don't take time from writing for this, though.
5. Make self useful. Open it, read it, post it, and have Buffy write a response. It'll be fun!
6. Mock my flist and pimp the meme.
7. Pimp the poll. Beg people who didn't get their birthday ficlets to bear with me.
8. Don't jinx it.
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