TEA evil can wait

Push the button, Frank. Frank, push the button. The button!

142 unanswered messages. Some of them birthday notices for peeps I have neglected to wish happy birthday to. Argh. I have Christmas presents for the subset of my family that celebrates Christmas that I found in November, sitting unshipped. Argh.

Right. Let's start over. I'm going to press the reset button. If I owe you something, assume I have utterly forgotten it and remind me here. Please.

Three stories touched in the last few days, none with significant progress made. "Rough Boys" redraft now at least has a goal-- I figured out what was wrong with the first draft. Blackmail made some progress, as did another story which has no name yet. No progress on "Readings".

My head hurts. Can't think. Gonna print out a story, get into the bath, and fall asleep.

Confidential to kivrin: You rock. You might be why I survive the next few weeks at work! *hugs*

ETA: Yay, bath. "Rough Boys", here we come. Er. No pun intended. Watch out, Xander's on the rampage.
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You're still good on the present. Knock it out this evening, send them either priority mail or- perhaps better- three day UPS/FedEx/DHL/whomever. (Three is exponentially cheaper than two and usually arrives in two days- I used to play with tracking when I did shipping.) In fact, there's a UPS drop off point at the end of University right by the Dumbarton, which can speed things up if you do the shipping paperwork on line. They might even be open later tonight.
Erk. Clarification: I mean the giant warehouse facility- not a wee, little mailbox thingee. It gives you a leg up, since it doesn't have to go from wherever you send it to that ship point, which can take hours to a day.

The trouble is, I am finding myself unmotivated to send presents to people who haven't contacted me in ages or sent presents back the last two years or sent cards even or... Do other people find it this easy to just wander off from their families? Or be wandered off from?
oh, well heck. If you don't want to do it, that's a different story. I thought these were for your sister's family.
Yes, it is just that easy- the work is in keeping in touch. FWIW, it really, really irks me that any time my brother's family and I talk it's because I've taken the initiative, so I hear, understand and agree with your position.