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Weekend update

1. Re-read The Golden Compass yesterday in the bath. Was thinking about going to see the movie, then picked up the book, got into the bath, and read it. (Yes, the bath was that long, but also I read fast.) Great book. I was thinking about the amount of exposition Pullman does in the first chapter, the first page, even. The concepts of his alternative-Oxford, and his Magisterium-run Europe, his theology/science, all introduced right away. And the daemon is in the very first sentence. The alternative words for things--Greek roots instead of Latin roots, in lots of cases-- anbaric for electric, naptha. Alternative placenames. Great stuff, all aimed at getting across the flavor of this universe.

Fantastic world-building, all done without drawing your attention to the work. I envy.

2. Said bath was enlivened with BPAL/BPTP's Ice Prince bath oil. Wintery pines, with a bit of musk. Quite strong-- I will use less oil next time.

3. My rogue did most of the Winterveil aka Christmas quests in WOW, and has his flying reindeer. I just about died the first time I saw the effect. Did not kill the Greench, though, because he was overcamped. Sigh.

4. More writing done. Many story thoughts fizzing through my head. I wish I could write in the bath. I suppose I could, if I were capable of writing long-hand. But I appear to need a keyboard to type on these days.

5. I owe secondalto much beta-reading. I note it here, so that I am spurred to do it.
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