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It's got to be brainfever

Over the last two evenings I have committed about 9000 words of a Watcher/Slayer bond story with a lot of Giles/Olivia. Yet another plot bunny rampaging through my overstimulated brain, proving that Anya was quite right to distrust them. I'm beginning to be scared. My big neurosis when I stopped writing fiction ages ago was that I had no story ideas. HA! And again, HA!

This is a very different take on the bond thing than the rather sweet, chaste, spiritual, romantic Giles-achieves-redemption-through-bloody-violence Novel-Length Bond Story (or NAMBLA). It's got some serious piercing kink in it, courtesy of bodyart!Buffy. Also: coercive Council magic practiced on unwitting Watcher candidates, slightly dom!Buffy, slightly sub!Giles, and a totally normal adult new relationship between Giles and Olivia thrown into disarray by the Slaying and the magic and the demands of the bond. Explores some of the same themes the show itself does: neither Giles nor Buffy can have a normal relationship because of the Slaying. Fanfic gets to explore the obvious consequence of that fact, which the show pretended wasn't a possibility.

I blame an idea sparked by an unfinished story by A. Manley Haight that I read when I first started checking out Buffy fanfic. I'm somewhat dismayed by the way stories keep breaking out around simple scenes. Sequel keeps wanting to be explored, which leads inevitably to another scene with its own sequel.

Will need a beta in another few days, I think. Have learned my lesson about firing off fic too quickly. Though I might have to spend my weekend hacking out a demo for work instead of doing my own stuff.
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