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Oh noes, lyrics meme!

You know how this one goes: Put iTunes on random, pick the first N songs that show up, paste in some lyrics, guess away! I'll strike 'em out when they've been guessed correctly.

Only I had to skip a lot, because about 80% of my Macbook music inventory is instrumental good-to-program-to music. And I avoided the first lines of lyrics if they gave the game away. Some of these are obscure; some are dead easy.

Still unguessed: a song by the most famousest band ever, one by their rough contemporaries, another 80s item, and two really obscure 70s prog items.

  1. There's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was
    Squeeze, "Black Coffee in Bed", mireille719 & seldomifever
  2. Yes, your marriage is a tragedy, but it's not my concern
  3. Out of college, money spent / See no future, pay no rent
  4. You know, sometimes, I don't know why, but this old town just seems so hopeless
    Tom Petty, "Here Comes My Girl", wide_rider
  5. This is why events unnerve me / they find it all, a different story
  6. When the night shows / the signals grow / on radios
    Peter Gabriel, "Here Comes the Flood", nutterbudgie
  7. Once you picked her up on your antenna / You'd never be free of her spell.
    Tom Lehrer, "New Math", myconoclast
  8. I would say I'm sorry / If I thought that it would change your mind
    The Cure, "Boys Don't Cry", writtenhistory
  9. Drive boy dog boy / dirty numb angel boy
    Underworld, "Born Slippy .NUXX, psychoadept
  10. There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder
    Dave Edmunds (or Elvis Costello), "Girls Talk", seldomifever
  11. And if affairs are preceding, as we're expecting soon enough, the weak spots will show.
  12. I'm looking in my little black book / to see if I was right or wrong
  13. It seems like everything was going well / it seems like a dream
  14. Deep river runs its course to the warm horizon / Shadows of falling leaves / October moon and rusty skies
    Chicane, "Autumn Tactics", fairygothmum
  15. Well you're slim and you're weak / You've got the teeth of the hydra upon you
    T-Rex, "Bang A Gong", mireille719
  16. There’s fodder for the cannons, and the guilty ones can all sleep safely
    XTC, "Senses Working Overtime", writtenhistory
  17. You spurn my natural emotions / You make me feel like dirt / And I'm hurt
    the Buzzcocks, "Ever Fallen in Love", mireille719
  18. Well the girls would turn the color of an avocado / when he would drive down their street in his El Dorado
  19. I often wonder what he is feeling / has he ever heard a word I've said?
    The Who, "Go to the Mirror, fairygothmum
  20. Do you cry your eyes asleep? / Is it peace you seek at night when your body's weak?
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Clearly, I got the obvious ones.

1. Squeeze, "Black Coffee in Bed"
15. T. Rex, "Bang a Gong"
17. Buzzcocks, "Ever Fallen in Love?"
But of course I picked the Buzzcocks. (One of my favorite bands; I deeply regret losing my collection of their LPs.)
1. squeeze - black coffee in bed
10. Girl's Talk - dave edmunds

That's it for me!
Yes, and yes! The latter is a favorite of mine & Mr Pedia's for inventing new lyrics on the fly. Usually about our pets.
OK so its 'Comes the Flood' or 'After the Flood' but i'm lost in the 60's via the 80's so that's all from me *waves*
I think I'll let you pass on that one. "Here Comes the Flood", by Peter Gabriel. Versions on the Robert Fripp solo album Exposure and on Gabriel's hits compilation Shaking the Tree
9. Born Slippy .Nuxx, Underworld (And that wasn't even one I gave you, was it...? Weird...)
Well, the fact it made it on to my Christmas mix ought to tell you what I think of it. :) And, no, I haven't heard the original. MP3 me?
Ok so I must have rather eclectic taste in music

No:8 The Cure Boys Don't Cry

No:16 Mandy Moore Senses Working Overtime
You have guessed two gems of 80s pop! Though I'm not sure I should give credit for the second one, because I confess I have utterly no clue who Mandy Moore is, and this artist is most definitely not the original one for the song.

Edit: Yay grammar.

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I finally figured out #7. It's been bugging me a while because I just knew I knew it. For some unholy reason I was thinking Ricky Martin, but then in the shower this morning I realized...

It is "Alma" by Tom Lehrer!

I just adore him. My grandparents had all his records and would play them when I was little, and I am kind of embarrassed to admit it, but one of the reasons I chose UC Santa Cruz for grad school was because he was a professor there. (I left after the first quarter, though, and never saw him once.)

Also embarrassing? I have a master's in math and I still can't catch where he messes up doing base 8 arithmetic in "New Math".
You can't take three from two,
Two is less than three,
So you look at the four in the eights place.

Hooray for new math! New-ew-ew math! It won't do you a bit of good to review math! It's so simple, so very simple, that only a child can do it (do it).

Hooray for Tom Lehrer! If only he were writing satirical songs about today's politics.