They got a lotta great desks and chairs at the government center

I'm drinking morning coffee, leveling fishing in WOW (which is as tedious as you might think), and poking at a few stories. Which leads me to

Poll #1101585 FicPoll Mark VIII

What story would you prefer me to fidget with while I work on finishing "Readings"?

Blackmail (G/B, kink)
"Rough Boys" (G/X, kink)
that time-travel story with Giles and Buffy (G/B)
the Doctor Who crossover with the 2nd Doctor, schoolboy!Giles, and Ethan
the Doctor Who crossover with Nine, Rose, Giles, Buffy, and maybe Ethan
"The Professor and the Adept" (gen)
more fragments from that 'verse where Giles and Jenny have a kid and bad things happen because of Angelus anyway
Giles, Buffy, post-Chosen, motel, bottle of Jack
"Helios Hyperion" (G/B)
more in the AOP-verse (G/X)
Why do you even bother to ask us? Your subconscious is uncontrollable.

And furthermore!

I will mention in a comment the thing I really really want continued.
Do the unwritten birthday fic prompts, you doofus, 'cause you didn't write mine. (G/E, G/B)
I want the tag-fic game back.
No, really, don't replace ficathons with promptfic.
Aw, come on, one little ficathon couldn't hurt.
I have a new prompt, about a demon, a dancing demon-- no, something isn't right there.
The Tarot readings for various stories are fun. Do more of those and see what happens.
Where did you say your coffee fund was, again?
Iterim censeo, Carthago delenda est.
Oh, shut up, Cato!

Stories not on the list are not there because their characters aren't speaking to me at the moment.

Both of the Doctor Who crossovers are, in my mind, in the universe of "An Antique Roman", so they're both a bit Giles/Ethan shippy. Though it would be amusing to comment on the Nine/Rose age gap from the perspective of the Giles/Buffy gap.
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HA, so far four people have answered and we've all said completely different things. This is looking just incredibly useful.

I like the idea of the Who crossovers in the Antique Roman 'verse. Your Ethan in that verse is actually quite lovable - very domesticated, in a "don't fuck with me and mine or I'll make you wear your ribcage as a hat" sort of way.
Later in the day, the Giles/Buffy picture came rather clear. It'll make a nice contrast with "Readings", which is going to stay firmly at a PG rating, with smooching at most.
The problem I have with this poll is it only allows one answer for what else you should be working on. In that case, I have to go with Helios Hyperion because I love and adore that world so much...but I'm also seriously tempted by some of your Dr. Who crossover ideas. Damn. No wonder I haven't finished anything in...ooh! shiny thing!

Aaaaand speaking of that stuff we promised each other we'd do, I'm failing miserably at it so far, but expect to stop sucking entirely sometime either today or tomorrow when I have a chance to sit down and finish re-reading what I'd written so far in hopes of seeing where it goes this time.
Hee! I have the shiny! shiny! problem as well. Hence all the embarrassing WIPs. Argh. But "Readings" will make some serious progress this weekend, I'm pretty sure.
I finally finished reading over what I already had written on GoaF. I hope to have at least an hour or two to write in tomorrow after I finish work.
I think I'm gonna spend my weekend in the world of a slightly silly (yet sweet and competent) Giles in "Readings". There's a scene coming up that I hope is pure comedy. Hope! Hope!
As much as I love the Helios Hyperion, I had to go with the Doctor Who nine crossover. I'd love to see Ethan turning up and causing trouble in the Whoverse. :)
I am going to write those soon. I need to think a little more about what my stories are, since all I had was a bit of a hunch when I wrote the fragments. The BtVS/Fray/Who triple crossover should be particularly cool. If Fray is really a crossover with BtVS, that is. It's Whedon's own futurefic for the Buffy-verse, so maybe it's not a crossover.
Never had much trouble lvling my fishing, cuz I'm so frequently lazy it just kinda happens. Lazy ftw! My 52hunter won a 'Lucky Fishing Hat' last Sunday! A green! *happy sigh*
I did the Nat Pagle quest this morning. Now only 75 more points before I can think about fishing in the zones where I quest normally. Argh.

I already have the +20 rod from a random Outlands quest, but I've never done any of the fishing event things. Probably I should try!
The people have spoken, and they want Blackmail. For sufficiently small values of "want".

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Government center? Maybe I shouldn't ask.

Per what to write: hell, write anything you like, if you're asking me. I'm so much enjoying your writing, I'd read your grocery list. That said, I'm more familiar with (& fond of) BtVs than Who, fwiw.

Visited the Penhaligon's shop in NYC Upper East Side yesterday (tiny, tiny shop -- I've owned cars that had larger interiors) and thought of you. I will return home bearing (some) samples.
Jonathan Richman is so adorable as to be twee, that's what I have to say about "Government Center". It's a T stop in Boston.

And Penhaligon looks fascinating! Mmm. We will trade samples when you return to the land of winter rain.