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Oh noes! First sentence meme

Okay. I'll play on this one. First sentence of first post in each month in 2007:

January: Got home at 4am; slept until 11am.
February: Lots of Giles icons!
March: "Thusia" already had a fight scene with demons & humans that I'd planned on making brutally violent.
April: Yesterday: Trailered motorcycles to mechanic on the trailer of much-appreciated friends nemaihne and Mr nemaihne.
May: I was just reading ruuger's remarkably sensible thoughts on the comics and canon, and had my own additional idea about this.
June: Postmortem time!
July: How well can you do with these these basic science questions?
August: Alas! summer_of_giles is over.
October: Well, this is odd.
November: sahiya, I need to ask a question.
December: Buffy stood with her toes overhanging the edge of the Hyperion Hotel pool.
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