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The secret word of the day continues to be "argh"

1000 tags max per journal. Not a problem here, but definitely a potential problem with giles_fic_recs, which has... huh, I can't find a way to get a tag count. But a quick line count reveals 411 tags. Not near the limit, but if I do the backlog and finish off the content & author tags, I bet I'll add another 200. I imagine that more active communities are in trouble.

It definitely kills the vague thoughts I had about tagging by title.

Also, how did I end up with 78 unanswered comments? Argh!

I'm submarining until I can finish a draft of the Buffy is the Hero story. I almost decided to scrap it entirely last night. Start a rewrite from scratch with what I learned thrashing with this version. What I have now is 3500 words of drek. Argh. Argh.
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