Policy announcements

Policy 1: Regarding LJ's new adult content flags. I've decided to flag only the material that I wouldn't have been able to check out from my local public library when I was a teenager. Since I don't post images, that means I will be flagging nothing. Done!

Policy 2: Regarding fanfic of the fanfic, continuations, etc. The disclaimer means something. The freedom I feel to appropriate and play with the original material applies to you as well with the result of my appropriations. If you feel like writing continuations, more stories in a particular universe variant, whatever, you may do so with my blessing.

Attribution is the only currency fans have to reward each other, so please do attribute and link to the original. (In fact, this is what the disclaimer is: attribution to the original creators of the universe.) And drop me a line so I know you've done it and you can make my day.
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Yeah, I think I'll only be flagging specific adult content on my LJ, too. In my case, I'll probably err on the side of caution and flag anything with a relatively explicit sex scene, but at least 75% of the time, my LJ is more devoted to cooking, things that make me feel good about me, silly memes, etc., which honestly don't require any sort of flagging. It would be ridiculous to click on the yes, I'm over eighteen button and then find yourself faced not with nekkid boobies and lurid descriptions of buttsecks, but my musings on the meaning of apple pie or how I feel when I bite into the perfect strawberry or the adorable thing my neighbor's four-year-old said to me today.

Can we only set it for specific posts? I suddenly realize I'm going to have to investigate that question.

(hearts your attitude about continuations/ficly spin-offs)

I feel like I'm playing in Joss' sandbox, so it's not my place to tell people they can't play in my corner of it, too. As long as they don't just copy my fic and as long as they acknowledge my original bits, I'm very much down with people playing with my version of the world.

After all, it's something of a tribute to Joss that we muck about with his world, so it's a compliment to me if someone is so taken with my version that they want to further muck with it.

That goes double for folk like you, whose writings I know to be top-notch, incidentally.

Can we only set it for specific posts? I suddenly realize I'm going to have to investigate that question.

Yes. Even if you set your journal as a whole to one setting, you can change it for specific posts--to either a higher or a lower rating. (our_fic is set to 'adult concepts'--but most of my fic is either 'no adult content' or 'explicit adult content' because I don't have a middle gear. *g*)

The system was requested by some LJ users/fans after the debacle with the explicit drawings of Snape sodomizing an underaged Harry. People asked for the ability to flag content like that so people wouldn't encounter it by accident, and people would have to declare themselves of age to view it. As Mir says, you can rate an entire journal (e.g., pornish_pixies can rate itself adult) or a specific unusual entry, if you wish.

Since I write only text, I'm ignoring it.

The problem with the system is, as always, in implementation. It's susceptible to griefing. Some fans asked for it; many other fans are annoyed by it. (The only policy that would please LJ users, I suspect, is complete laissez-faire.)
What I can't figure out from their explanations is whether their idea of inappropriate content even extends to the meaning of text, or whether it's limited to omgdirtypictures.
- LJ/SixApart is worried about legal liability under US law.
- Text is only rarely found to be obscene, while images are more at risk. And by "rarely", I mean "almost never since the 60s". Images are handled differently in US law.
- The only kerfluffles they've caused about fannish content have been related to images.

This is why I don't worry about the fiction I've posted here.
You should be able to just run it again. Nuke the directory named for your LJ account and just re-run with migration turned on. Let me know what happens! I'm happy to help.
Pardon-- I was sloppy with terminology.

- Delete the "princessofg" folder that the first run created. This is a local backup. We're going to recreate it.
- Set up the config correctly to migrate, with your destination password and account.
- Re-run the tool.
- Watch. Some posts might not migrate, if they use features that aren't available on GJ, but the vast majority should move just fine. At the same time, you'll get a complete local archive.

That should do it!
There's a log file. Look in the file princessofg/metadata/ljmigrate.log. It'll have the exact error message, which you can pass along to me so I can diagnose it :)