Another pronouncement from on high

Giles writers are no longer allowed to use the word "Ripperish". Or any of its more awkward variants, such as "Ripper-like".

"Ripperish" joins "ministrations" on the short list of words banned in fanfic in the Antennarepublic.
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*hides in corner*

I think I'm guilty of this at least once.

HEy I'm gonna type up what I have of the Core four sequel and send it your way. I'm stalled right now and I think feedback on the slash scene will be a big help.
Both of you know that you've sent plot bunnies to attack me. Don't you? I'm trying to ignore Core Four plot bunnies. Take them back, please. I don't have time to start new fics.
*cackles evily*
*rubs hands together*

Attack of the killer plot bunnies! I didn't want to start it either, but those bunnies are insistent! Join the perversion! Welcome to our special corner of hell, the company is great!