Two quick comments about television

Pushing Daisies is fabulous. Fabulous. I feel no need to go all fandom-mode about it, but I will be watching it avidly.

House this season is also fabulous: the season of House allowed to simply be his obnoxious self. I like the season arc a great deal as well, including the mumble murfle. I don't miss mffffmph at all.
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You can go to and pick a show to watch on your computer. I've watched the whole season of Bones and half of House this way. Have to have broadband though and it works best with IE, though I've made it work on Mozilla Firefox.
I like House, but I'm disappointed in the lack of evolution of his character. He sometimes seemed to be about to learn from experience last season, but now, not so much. What happened to Seth Green. At the end of the previous episode, his carotid had blown, but as far as I could see, there was no further reference to his character and what happened to him.
I was just saying to somebody that we're seeing little character movement in House himself. Instead he's the still center around which other character arcs happen. The show needs to be very, very careful about how they change House, because they lose the hook if he changes too much.
You're thinking of Grey's Anatomy which my mother forced me to watch on Thanksgiving. Presumably that will be cleared up tomorrow!
Oh! I thought of another reason why this season is satisfying: the new ducklings have been around long enough that we care about them, but the threat to fire them is real. I never seriously believed that Chase, Foreman, or Cameron would leave the show. The threats in various story arcs never had teeth. These threats do. So they're more fun to watch.
Hugh Laurie is simply a treat to watch. What a prodigiously talented man he is. I'm enjoying Journeyman too with Kevin McKidd from Rome. He's a terrific actor too, and like Laurie does an impeccable American accent. Unfortunately, it looks as though the show will be canceled. I'm completely fascinated with Dexter though and became so entranced with it, it took me a while to wonder whether I should be so entranced with a character who tortures and murders human beings, even if they're bad people. It's superbly written, gripping plot complications and Michael C. Hall is just marvellous in the role. I loved him in Six Feet Under and the adoration continues.
I agree on both counts!

I hadn't really heard of Pushing Daisies before tonight, but happened to catch it. I was ecstatic to find Jim Dale narrating! He's the one that reads the American version of Harry Potter and I'm not sure I'd like the series as much without him. I'll deffinitely try to catch the show again in the future!
I heart Pushing Daisies, and I'm glad to see someone else does, too! Even though I'm still three weeks behind on it -- I decided to catch up on Chuck first, since it doesn't actually require any thought processes to appreciate... :)
Pushing Daisies was created just for me. (nods) Okay, I don't know any of the people who came up with the concepts or play any of the roles (though I have briefly met a gentleman who works on the design end...props, I believe), so they didn't know they were making it just for me, but they did. I adore it, but I feel no need whatsoever to tamper with their world. I am purely an observer...but such a delighted observer that I can't imagine my world without this wonderful, wonderful show.

OTOH, I definitely need at least one PD icon. The hero is a piemaker, after all.
Yes! Absolutely! You need icons for your fellow piemaker.

What a wonderful show this is. I agree with your feeling about not having a need to tamper with the show. I'm along for the ride on this one.
Did you happen to catch the NPR program where they talked about how House is directly based on Sherlock Holmes? It was pretty interesting. I think it was on the Diane Rehm show. It was within the last two weeks. I'm sure you could find it easily enough.
I didn't catch the NPR program, but it was kinda difficult to miss the parallels:
House-Wilson / Holmes-Watson
morphine / cocaine
a Baker St address for both of them
Yeah, they also talked about how House's rudeness and irascibility are supposed to parallel Holmes'. I don't quite buy that part because while Holmes might be abrupt or rude because social niceties slowed him down, he wasn't mean. And sad to say, House is.
The question of character is interesting. Holmes fascinates me here. He is not in the least rude by modern terms-- he has a Victorian gentleman's manners. Where he violates convention is where he focuses on his problem to the exclusion of other concerns.

House differs here. He's a modern character. We have a very different set of insights to him, via modern storytelling. He avoids emotional intimacy and uses his bad manners as a tool to enforce this. We are given evidence over and over that he has emotional insight and uses it when he wishes. And we have evidence that he cares. It's just that his own issues drive him. Fucked up guy.
Oh, mumble murfle! You are very funny indeed.

I still say House/Wilson and House/Cuddy banter are worth gold just for bringing the funny.
I wish, in fact, there was more House/Wilson and House/Cuddy banter this season. I could do with a lot more. A nice meaty Wilson-centric plotline, please.
I agree. More Wilson would always be good. I did like the episode in which he stole the guitar. Lots of fun back-and-forth there.