Giles/Buffy cute

oops, that does conclude the ficspam for the moment

I have 14 more prompts to write (though grouped into, I think, 6 ficlets) and I am completely dry at the moment. No inspiration. The Buffy Is The Hero ficathon is coming up on us, and I need to finish that story now. So, er, gimme through to the weekend, kay? It's all Giles/Buffy from here on, more or less. With some prawny Giles/Ethan thrown in.
Happy birthday yesterday, by the way! (I put up a drabble for you, but afterward, I remembered that you might not be a Russell fan.) So, hugs and cheers for you, and best wishes for a wonderful year, including your London trip!
OMG, I missed that. My apologies-- I will run over there and enjoy it! While I am not 100% a fan of that take on Watson (my Watson is smart!) I very much enjoy Russell herself.