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FICLET: This is not Sparta (Giles-Buffy friendship, FRT)

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For singer_d, who wanted Giles/Buffy friendship, rip-snorting adventure, snark, swords, and a discussion about a 2007 movie only one of them enjoyed.

This is not Sparta
Giles/Buffy friendship

Giles held the theater door for Buffy. She bounced past him into the wet spring evening. He followed her down the street, along with the flow of the crowd. Mostly young men, he observed, and the showing they'd attended had been packed. This made the last-second bowing out of Buffy's latest boyfriend somewhat baffling to Giles. But he'd long since given up attempting to make sense of the love lives of his young friends.

Buffy walked backwards down the pavement in front of him. "That was cool. Didn't you think that was cool, Giles? Mmm. Leonidas's chest was awesome."

Giles snorted. "It was dreadful! That fellow ought to have shouted 'This is not Sparta!' for all the resemblance it had to reality."

Buffy made a face. "Don't you dare complain about the demons. Those were realistic."

Giles conceded that they were. "But there the basis in history ends."

"Like what? Name some problems."

"For one thing, the Spartans had institutionalized pederasty. The Persians weren't the ones buggering each other. Every one of those warriors got his boyhood initiation not by fighting a monster, but by, by, by--" Giles flung his hands into the air.

"Yowza," said Buffy. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"The movie thinks there is. It criticizes the Persians with the accusation."


Giles was warming to his subject. "Not to mention the slavery. The Spartans weren't blacksmiths. Oh no. They had slaves to be blacksmiths for them. And revolt against them. Sparta spent its latter years in constant fear of helot uprisings."

"Um. Not so free, is what you're saying."

He shoved his hands into his jacket pockets. "Not in the least. Pure fantasy. Fascist fantasy, if you ask me."

"Oh." Buffy was silent for a minute as they walked. "Fight scenes were still awesome. I loved the slomo sword work. Feels like that, sometimes, when I'm fighting. You know? Everything slows down and I can see exactly how everything is moving."

"Oh," said Giles. He turned to watch her walk alongside him. "Really?"

"Yeah. I can kinda turn it on if I'm stressed."

Giles made a thoughtful sound. "Something you could teach the others to do, perhaps?"

"Maybe. If you and me sit down and work on it until I can do it at will."

Giles nodded. "Tomorrow. So. Dinner?"

"Yeah. Let's get those tapir things."

Giles rolled his eyes, as expected. "Tapas."

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I can so imagine Buffy not getting past the chests and swords there, and Giles the historian being utterly horrified.
Gratified to have someone else believe Giles would react to '300' the same way I did, hee :-)

Cute story.
Today we move into the Giles/Buffy section. If I can finish any of them. The brain stubbornly refused to write G/B over the weekend.
Ha! This was perfect!

Yeah. Let's get those tapir things.
I can so see Buffy waxing enthusiastic about the movie while walking backwards, then saying that deliberately to give Giles' chain a little tug after he wins their little movie argument. Thanks - love it!
She *so* makes all of those mispronunciations on purpose, either to yank chains or get her friends to laugh. So happy you liked! It was an obvious choice of movie :)
Ha, I love that the basis in history ends with the demons. And that Giles is all worked up about it and makes Buffy think. Awesome.

I have such a weakness for B/G friendship. That might be how I like those two best in the end - Buffy grown-up, more or less, and the two of them as friends.
It's really kinda distressing to me to think of all the kiddies watching that movie and thinking that's how the Greeks really were. The Sacred Band of Thebes was the most kick-ass army of the time, and their secret was that they slept with each other. It was deliberate-- the idea was that you'd have closer bonds with fellow soldiers you had a sexual relationship with. The movie is just in this weird place, with huge amounts of homoerotic imagery, and the complete denial of the sexuality of the times it describes. Head spins. I'm sure the litcritty peeps had a field day with the mess that is 300.