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Dispatches from underneath a story draft

  1. Have urge to write complete and total soap opera, with concealed past marriages, secret sons, and people turning out to be other people's kids from torrid secret affairs. Plus swordfights. Perhaps secret ones. Also, torrid.
  2. But am actually solving the puzzle of the pollfics for Monday. Some of you secretly requested the same story, you see.
  3. Which reminds me that if you haven't filled out the ficspam poll and wish to, you have maybe a day before I probably won't be able to come up with an idea. 22 34 of you have responded thus far! Eek.
  4. Am still in pajamas, but have done laundry. Go me!
  5. Have urge to write a wild long plotty BtVS-Whoverse crossover. Set either in Giles's youth or in S4, or possibly both with lashings of timetravel. Fourth Doctor, I suspect, but I haven't seen enough of him to have a voice for him yet, so bah. I am incapable of writing this for now.
  6. It is now past Thanksgiving, so I can legally wear my Yule BPAL, such as Gingerbread Poppet, Lick It Baby One More Time (Escalator of Life mix), Mistletoe, and Egg Nog.
  7. Have urges to write Giles/Jenny and Giles/Tara. In fact have Giles/Tara plot idea. But I have committed to finishing "Readings" (the Tarot story) first.
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