I hope that your Thanksgiving day was as pleasant as mine.

And if you're not in the US, and this was just another day before the holiday madness begins, I hope that it was pleasant in a less pie-intensive way.

Because it is traditional to make a list of things one is thankful for, I make such a list, a few minutes past midnight.

The husband: my white-haired boy. I could go on and on.
Friends: I have many new friends this year whom I enjoy talking to so very much, and I have lots of friends who've put up with me for ages whose company is also precious to me. I call out nemaihne & Mr N, who feed us ridiculous amounts of food every year.
Pets: Dimmer Dog, Smarter Dog, Uncle Cat, and Manic Mina the No-Longer-Kitten.
Profession: They pay me to do it! Yow!
My continued good health and remarkably boring middle-aged body.
Fandom: Hours of wonderful reading and conversation. From Buffy to B5, from Trek to Who, so much pleasure.
Your conversation with me.

Today's Thanksgiving dinner was in the pattern of the last several years: vast amounts of traditional food cooked by nemaihne, movies and chatting afterward. This year we watched Bringing Up Baby, which I've seen several times before but nobody else in the room had (!), and the recent Narnia adaptation. The Hepburn-Grant was as fabulous as it has ever been in the last 70 years. The C S Lewis was a faithful adaptation with some problems I found interesting.

And now, sleepy time. Tomorrow, writing and responding to your most interesting comments on the performance art of serial-writing.
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I have seen Bringing up Baby, but it's been years and honestly I didn't remember it being half as funny as it was. How did that happen? I really wish there were more movies with those two since I actually prefer that combo to Hepburn-Tracy. ::Ducks in case traditionalists start throwing things::
Reading that web page about all the sexual innuendo is going to change how I watch it next time, though. I feel so naive, not to have read "bone" and "tail" that way. And it's amusing to learn that Grant ad-libbed the "come over all gay all of a sudden" line, and that he likely meant it the way we'd mean it today.

Thank you again for feeding us such awesome food every year!
*am grateful for you too*

Also: the realism of the movie depiction leads one to evaluate some of the events with a realistic eye. And the exploits of the children fail when evaluated that way. I also felt that the, hrm, underlying lack of wholeness/deep coherence in Lewis's mythology showed through. Centaurs and fauns, I kept thinking, are not cuddly and safe.

Despite that, only Mr Tumnus felt like a real being.

Too much exposition in the mouths of the uninteresting beaver family. Not enough direct experience of Aslan, so when he makes his sacrifice, we don't have a reason to care if we have not already brought one.

Whine, whine.