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Dispatches from a cat platform

1. I am a platform for cats. For a black puddle of pure feline love, specifically. I am, I'm told, the best human ever. Especially if I were to pour some more cream. Then I'd totally win it.

2. Recent Lush experiences: Lush "Creamy Candy" bath melt is yummy. Next time I'll cut it in thirds, though. The "Big Blue" bath bomb smelled nice, but the seaweed looked disturbingly like little black worms as the bomb fizzed away. Also, it left seaweed all over the tub. Will not repeat for non-scent reasons.

3. I am extremely tempted by Mechanical Phoenix. Given the sort of people I hang out with, the scent of "copper gears, brass cogs, fused wiring, scorched iron, and motor oil" might have pheromone effects.

4. "Buffy is the Hero" ficathon story proceeds apace. I might finish a draft soon. Yay. Mouth shut about content, though I'm afraid it's going to be a bit less plotty than my usual. Heavier on the conversations than on the vamp-ass kicking. "Rough Boys" is on hold while I decide if Giles is too emo to be believed or not.

5. DIscovered that I seem to have forgotten to watch "Heroes" for, er, about five weeks now. On the advice of friends and coworkers, will continue holding off. If they fix it post-strike, I'll catch up. I'm not all that great about staying current with TV as it's broadcast. TV is a terrible way to watch episodic drama. DVDs win. No ads, for one thing.

6. Mr P has asked me why the heck we haven't been watching more Who, because he wants to. Okay! Yay.

7. What should I be reading? Don't say, "one of the books in the pile next to your bed", because then I'll throw one of them at you. I seem to have lost my copy of the third Temeraire book. I have the fourth sitting ready to read, but obviously I need to read the third first. I swear to you that it was in the living room.
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