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Who Time Crash

I <3 Peter Davison's Doctor, and his starchiness in the face of Ten's fangirling. Plus, the "Beard?" / "Wife." exchange was hilarious. A trifle too nudge-nudge wink-wink at the audience with the meta commentary ("you were my Doctor"), but hey. It was a charity skit.

My first Lush order in ages arrived this evening, along with my BPAL Sagittarius! The Lush included Xmas presents for sis + both nieces, so that's a nice chunk of my Xmas shopping done already. (Glittery bubble bath is a nice present for the nieces, who are both brilliant but also quite girly.)
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I thought it was totally sweet, especially the part at the end. I got all teary-eyed about it I don't think it'll do much for those who aren't old school fans, though.
There was an 8-minute Whoverse thing on the BBC tonight, which of course is all over the Intertubes now. Fifth Doctor meets Tenth in a collision of Tardises. Was amusing.
Petey is MY Doctor - and to be frank, I will totally forgive Steven Moffat for the quite horrendous "Girl in the Fireplace" for this.

Especially the bit at the end - silly bugger here got all teary about it.
I totally enjoyed it. Loved that Tennant went on and on about the celery. I am thinking at the moment that Three or Four is my Doctor, but I'm not sure yet. I can take another few years to make this decision.
LOL You have all the time in the world.

Peter wasn't my first Doctor - so technically I guess he really shouldn't be in the MY Doctor position. I have vague memories of seeing Pertwee's final season - and then of course "growing up" with the great Tom. But Peter turned me from an ordinary viewer into a fan.

That's why he's my Doctor. And bloody hell, does he have a lot to answer for!!