However, I did ding 70 with my rogue.

Yeah, work is eating my brain. It's kind of a fun zombification process at the moment, but it means I am reading nothing, falling behind on the flist, falling behind on my comment-answering, and just generally getting nothing that is not work done.

However, ficletspam ideas noted, logged. I have a cunning plan.

I'm now gonna spend my remaining hours of wakefulness writing. See ya.
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Gratz on 70, dude! I'm non-playing, atm, but want to get hunter & drood hi enough for 'Lich King'. & get that fraking flying ability droods get @ 68.
I wonder what level of gearing is required to 5-man Onyxia. There's a sick part of me that wants to see that old 40-man raid content at high speed with 1/8th the player count. There's another part of me, a healthier part, that is just as happy never to see Molten Core again.
The key quest is kinda long. And fun. But it requires you to run instances that nobody runs any more. We'll probably do them our Hordies, just 'cause. But UBRS (Upper Black Rock Spire) is a 10-man raid. Used to be 15-man and some of the pulls are crazy enough that you can't really do it with 5 until you're well-geared. So we'd have to find 10 other old-skool types to run the key quest chain.