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The jetlag has been useful. I woke up at 5 this morning and had several hours to write before I had to go anywhere. The morning writing turned out well. I wrote the next section of the Giles-meets-Holmes story today. Third section, Giles journal excerpt, covering Giles' visit to the Council and his attempt to convince them he's a Watcher from their future. I have the story sketched out, so I know what happens in blurry detail, what all the crisis points are and so on, but not in great detail. Was somewhat surprised by what I ended up putting in this section. Going well. Has a working title: The adventure of the displaced Watcher. Prosaic, but serves to remind me of just what the heck I need to stay focused on.

I also made a ton of notes about how the Core Four story needs to be modified, and even did some of the work. And then allthejellies prompt set 6 set off a Core Four sequel bunny. Eek.

And then while watching a build tick by at work, synapses started firing on the topic of the Novel-Length Bond Story aka N-LBS. I'll probably spend my writing time this evening on that.

I'm clearly in one of those creative burst phases. I've been in them before, with software instead of fiction. Brain sparking constantly with ideas; constant desire to work; massive burst of overall productivity. Must milk it.

Or maybe it's just summer daylight-induced mania.

PS: I need a good Holmes icon!
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