First quiet moment I've had all day

It's been a non-stop circus in my office today. And yesterday. Haven't had five minutes to think all day. I think maybe you can repeat this comment every day for the next few weeks, because it's approaching that part of the development cycle.

Yesterday was our ninth wedding anniversary. Yay us! Today is the tenth anniversary of our first meeting. We sat down in a bar next to each other in a big group of mutual friends, and insulted each other's drinks. It was mild interest at first sight. Though we frightened everyone around us by being certain we were getting married one month later. Phooey to them, is what I say. We obviously knew what we were doing.

I have probably told this story five times already. Just stare at me blankly until I shut up, okay?

What else? Have been puttering along with my Buffy is the Hero story. I might have a draft of this finished early, in time for revision. Radical concept! Draft 2 of "Rough Boys" is my fidget story. Have been slowly considering ideas for the "Displaced Watcher" sequel. I want to write Giles with Spike or Tara sometime soon as well.

Though I think I will put up FicPoll Mark VII soon as well, to figure out what people want and feed that into the complicated writerly motivation engine.
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Ack, it's November. It's halfway through November. I should have realized!
Happy belated anniversary!
Happy early birthday when I blow it in a week and a half. No this would not be a tip off to the rest of your f-list that your BIRTHDAY might be coming up NOVEMBER 26 and that YOU REALLY LIKE SNIFFY STUFF because I wouldn't do something so dreadfully blunt.
Mr P forgot. I actually made dinner plans with him for Tuesday night, and he said, Tuesday? Why not tonight? Okay, whatever. I waited for him to clue in, then finally nudged him into remembering. Heh.
Happy Anniversary.

I may attempt to write something for your birthday, though it will be hard to top last years threesome pr0n. Must think on that.
Thank you! We had a very nice dinner and conversation. It's nice to realize I still love talking to that guy about just about everything, ten years of conversations later.
Gratz!! (It was very socially advanced for you to make an honest man of him.)
Belatedly -- happy anniversary! In advance -- happy birthday!
Thanks! We planned their adjacency. "When shall we get married," I said? "One day short of a year after our first meeting," he said. So we can say that we got married after knowing each other less than a year, and scare everyone.