is there a trick to making that work. I've even tried to bribe my brain with chocolate, but I think that only works with my stomach
As far as I can tell, no. It never actually works. Only desperation makes the brain switch train tracks. ARGH.
Hey, I rechecked the deadline for the ficathon, and it's been extended to November 30, to accommodate some other popular ficathon.
OMG. Really? *looks it up* Hey. You're right. I put it in iCal as 11 Nov because that was the original date. Phew. More time. You know what this means, don't you? It means I finish the Giles/Xander this weekend the way the brain wants me to.
I know I would be screwed if the story was due this weekend. I'm spending most of this weekend studying for finals at college.

But yeah, listen to your brain. You know you want to write Giles/Xander.
I note that I was not the only person confused about the deadline date, but not everybody got cleared up in time. DOH.