The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

Massively busy work day yesterday, as I egged on the designer into some big changes. Will be busy until the end of the month, as I have just created a lot of work for myself. It's okay. It's the sort of work that will sell more sprockets when complete. And we all know sprocket sales are a good thing.

Read some of the recs you all gave me the other day. Did not write. Have been dreaming over my Buffy is the Hero story. I know what I'm doing now. Frantic prose-spewing will commence tonight. "Rough Boys" draft will sit for a few days in the oak cask, fermenting.

I'm very much looking forward to the lack of pressure after Sunday, from no more looming ficathons. I've written my worst work for ficathons, but never my best. I did my first one just over a year ago, and it has been a most informative year.

I'm sure I'll be tempted into it again just for the feeling of participating in the community.
I always find it interesting to see how other people view the ficathon experience.

For me, personally--I'm confident that I have done both my utter worst (at least, within a given period--the best fanfic I wrote in 1987 is worse than the worst of 2007), and my best, fannish writing for ficathons (I include fic challenges and charity fic, as long as I'm working off specific prompts someone else set).

Which is probably why I keep signing up for them, I suppose. Although I've grown a great deal choosier, and less likely to pick ficathons where there's a good chance I'm going to hate my assignment with a burning passion.
I definitely need to learn that lesson about choosiness! Also, about keeping the pressure on myself low. maleslashminis is very good for that, because the length requirement is so short, and the turnaround time so brief. There's no expectation that you'll have to write a 20K word epic for it.

I'll do Remix again. That was terrifying but awesome, and very fun in the end. I love the idea so much.

But mostly what I learned is that my best stories take a couple of months to write, while I work on other things and let them fizz in the back of my brain. And that I have much learn about managing that pressure on myself-- haven't figured out how yet.
No, we somewhat discourage the 20K word epics, what with the tight deadlines and the "no WIPs" rule. (I mean, if someone wants to write 20,000 words in 10 days, they're welcome to, but we keep reassuring people that as long as they've written 500 words, it's long enough.)

Remix is the one ficathon I doubt I'll ever do--I'm not recoiling from the idea of someone touching one of my darlings, but the remix process just holds very little appeal to me as a writer--or a reader, for that matter. I used to swear I'd never do Yuletide or the big annual femslash ficathon, though. (And I *know* that after I ran the Doctor Who Minor Characters ficathon in 2005, I was never running a ficathon again. Ever.)

But I have gotten picky, after three and a half years of ficathon after ficathon--and, as of October 31, 66 stories (in several fandoms) written either for ficathons or for charity (with a definite prompt and a definite deadline)--I tend to be one of the last people to sign up for a lot of things, and if I can't find a reasonable percentage of requests that I can write without wanting to scream, I give it a miss. I gave up a long time ago expecting to get fic (at all, but even more so, fic that I could enjoy) in ficathons, though sometimes I have received some fantastic fic. But with that removed from the equation, I have to derive all my fun from the writing, and so I need to pick carefully.

Good thoughts for your writing process!
I don't do many ficathons. The less pressure and the less restrictions, the more likely I am to sign on. The sad fact is, though, that while I can write very well to either a challenge or a deadline, it's nearly impossible for me to write to both at the same time. Sometimes the words simply will not come, or won't do what I want them to at the time I need them.

Then I have to either rush and disappoint me or flake and disappoint others. I've flaked too many times, and rushed too many times. Then again, I'm very pleased with my SoG stories and not entirely disappointed with my G/X Octoberfest tale...though I wish I'd managed to start writing it before the day it was due. I'd have liked to have honed that one a lot more. Alas! While the concept was clear early on, I couldn't get the words to come out until it was a matter of letting down Sofy and Mir which wouldn't do AT ALL.

I think if I do more ficathons, though, they will be like SoG and G/X Octoberfest where I have to fill a date rather than a specific challenge, funnily enough. I can usually manage to finish something if I've got the whole range of one character or one relationship to work with. And if I flake, I disappoint me and the organizers, not some poor person waiting to see her/his challenge met. Oh, and I won't sign on for very many. I have a bad tendancy to take on more than I can chew at a time. Also, I'm working now, so that means less time for ficcing...especially since my job went and expanded a bit yesterday. More work, but about double the monthly income. We need the cash.
I find the fests nice, because they give me that deadline pressure while allowing me to write something I wanted to anyway. *g* (I mean, I've wanted to write that threesome fic for two years, and finally managed to make myself write it.)
The seasonal fests are great. I planned my Summer of Giles story months in advance, and truly, whatever story was ready at that time was going to be the one I'd post. (I'll bet dollars to donuts that the story I tried to write for my second day this year will be the one I post next years. That's the 1970s one.)

And awesome news on double the work and income! Excellent! Congrats!
Hm. I've written some of my best work for ficathons. Also some really mediocre stuff, but some really good stuff too. Particularly when I was a backup writer--that seems to really get my creative juices going, for some reason.

At the moment, I'm mulling over my yuletide fic. I think it will be fun to write. Maybe not great art, but fun.
"Not great art, but fun" describes most of my favoritest books ever. That's something to aspire to. Or so I think!