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Giles and Anya

Anya normally drives me mad. One note samba, as written in canon. My reaction is usually "exterminate this character please because she's choking Xander's character to death and I lub Xander".

But then I read something like "Hugh Grant Explains It All For You" by ljs (one, two, still in progress) and I say "Oh, okay, I get it now. A good writer can make me believe anything. I am putty. Please to be giving me more of the Giles and the Anya."

Though sometimes I suspect that the attraction of Anya is that she's more of a blank slate than some of the characters are. Set the vengeance tediousness aside, and you have a great deal of latitude for building a more interesting rounded human being. And thus fanfic!Anya can be vastly more tolerable to me than canon!Anya.
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