world continues to turn

In which we pat each other on the back for writing good stories

Bodice Ripper round 10 awards were announced today, and this year's summer_of_giles stories were all over it. How much did I love SoG this year? Mmmmmm.

Many grats of the conga variety to flistians penwiper26, sahiya, firefly124, soft_princess & mireille719 (who are an ultra-cute unit in my head these days), theblackmare, sweetdoggie, noelia_g, gileswench, and glimmergirl!

Wow, that's a lot of Giles writers on my flist. However did that happen?

Also, "Dust on his hands from the sky", "Thusia", and Tradition & Protocol got some love.
Congratulations to you and all the stars! :-)
The thing that makes me happiest was all the new writers on the list. New writers == living fandom == joy!
Congrats. I just loved the Giles-Xander-fix from you...
I re-read "A funny thing happened..." again just now, and snickered helplessly. You rock for picking up wickedfox's awesome banner and running with it.
Thank you!! :D (Hee! Unit! and we were on the phone when I saw your post too, haha!)

And a huge thank you to you for an image that I found deeply inspirational while writing "Thusia".
And to know. Your story was original and clever and very weirdly Gilesy. (I mean "weirdly" in a positive sort of eldritch manner.)
congrats on your own awards lady!! isn't it great there are so many giles lovers around!
It is fabulous. And thanks go to you again, for running the comm and attracting so much talent, who wrote such delicious stuff for all of us.
Always! (you know that comm was a product of my own gluttonous desire for more Giles fic... and crazily enough, it worked. This is why I love fandom!)