Giles/Xander question

Oh noes! Interview a character meme

This meme sounds fun. Let's do it:

Choose one canon character or one original character that appears from any story listed here ( fic bookmarks). Once you choose a character, you may ask that character one question, and I will respond as that character.
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This meme's too hard for me. Too much thinking involved. I was waiting to see what other clever people would ask to get some inspiration. I'd kind of like to know what Dawn's planning on doing now that she's Key Unleashed, but I'm not sure I'm doing this right. :)
Planning? Uh. Right. Planning. I am planning mostly how I'm going to get back into the hotel without Buffy noticing and freaking out. Though maybe that's not hard, because she's kinda oblivious to anything non-tweedy these days. I am planning how to get my money for college and whatever by getting Buffy out of the way.

There is no way you're going to get me to call her 'mom'. She might be my genetic mother, but Mom was the one who raised me. Um. Sorta. Okay, I've confused myself, because she didn't raise me. The monks invented a way that she might have raised me and fast-forwarded me through it. I guess.

Scratch that. What I'm planning is a) not getting caught, b) giving myself a couple of days to get my own head back together. Um. Then there's Ethan. I think that was maybe a one-time deal, the thing we just did. But maybe not? I'm not sure he's the one I want, anyway.
For Ethan, from An Antique Roman:

Did you know about Watchers before you met Rupert?
I met Rupert when we were both young, first sent off to school, so no. I learned about Watchers and Slayers from Rupert himself. He didn't tell me about them right away. His father had impressed upon him the solemn importance of keeping his alleged sacred destiny a dark secret. Eventually he told me, though. We told each other everything in those days. As if schoolboys have much to tell!

Later on, when we were at university and his studies had gone serious, we had more to talk about. The Watchers' occult curriculum overlapped with my own more eclectic studies considerably. Rupert and I taught each other a great deal. He always had more method than I. Not that it did him much good. He got his degree then quietly imploded. I thought I had him, then. Thought he'd be mine, and not theirs. Made my own mistakes, and the rest you know.
Well, if no one else is playing, I'm gonna go again, if that's okay.

I'm wearing Dragon's Bone today, so I'll ask Giles from Ars Draconis how long he's been a vegetarian, and if he's found it easier in the States than in England.
I started my second year in Sunnydale. I had a moment, not sure why, of identification with the animals. I was eating a bit of lamb, and I thought, this is how vampires view us. We're food. A form of life below their own, not worth consideration. And I couldn't continue behaving as I had been.

It's a matter of respect for all life. I don't wish to be tedious about it, or lecture others.

It's easier to be a vegetarian in California than some parts of the States. I learned this while traveling to find Buffy. One gets used to vegetarian choices on menus, and fresh local produce at the grocer's. One also gets used to restaurants where smoking isn't allowed. When I first arrived in Sunnydale my nose was entirely numb after a lifetime of being around smoke. Now I'm over-sensitive to it.