Buffy blindfolded

Onward! Upward!

Okay! That's done, and that was the one I was panicked about. The Buffy is the Hero assignment I feel is in my wheelhouse, the kind of pitch I can turn on.

Just wait. My story will suck because I failed to stay nervous and motivated. Erk.

Will treat myself to a bit of writing in the Giles/Xander. "Rough Boys" is approaching a first draft. A couple more evenings of writing will do it. Then I sit and think about it, and decide if I've got the setups right for the planned following stories.

My path into that story was hearing some Two dialog from Nine's mouth, and Jackie's quite different reaction to it.

I coped with stuckness and fear via structure and humor. Once I had the idea of interspersing dialog with action, I was in business. I nearly made it way more Beatlesy than it is, but then I decided I didn't have enough of a hook to do so. So it's a bit muddled. Arms race language appears throughout. If I'd had a day to let it cook, I'd have done both (missile crises and Merseybeat).

I'm not sure I'll write smut in the the Whoverse in future. I had great difficulty imagining Nine having sex, and he's the one I think has a sexuality. Ten has none, as far as I can tell. I have a much easier time with the idea of Three getting up to mischief than either of them. In short, if I'm going to write more Whofic, it'll be plotty genfic. Pure SFnal romps. Writing gen in the Whoverse could be lots of fun. There's scope for wanton references to all of SF. E.g, the blatant Asimov ref in that one, and the real-science Crab Nebula thing.

I should try to catch up with answering comments now. Instead I'm probably going to conk out.
Ten--ten's the kind of guy who worships women, often from afar, if he's into them. I can easily picture him as some kind of a medieval knight errant, who goes off on ridiculous quests in his lady's name but would never dream of actually approaching her romantically because that might sully her honor. Nine's more a guy with a past, like you know he's done it all before and decided it just wasn't worth it right now. Maybe in the future, but he's spread his wild oats and right now he's dealing with the loss of everything he holds dear, thanks very much.

But I definitely do prefer genfic in the Whoverse.
Oh, I like this analysis of Ten! Because it does offer an explanation of why he never got together with Rose or told her he loved her or anything while she was with him. The canon kiss we get is somebody else in control of Rose's body kissing him. He's entirely passive. Also sort of explains the thing with Madame de Pompadour.
I realized this in the whole Pompadour thing. It explains so much about him.

Not so much his thing with ... wait, have you seen the latest season? There's a romance for him in it that doesn't quite follow this pattern. But I can explain it away as the exception that proves the rule, because the circumstances surrounding it are weird even for the Doctor.
We're like two episodes into the Martha season. Mr P wants to watch them with me, and he wants to watch television once a week at most, so it's slow going. I should boot him in the butt tonight, because I'd like to get all caught up in time for the Christmas Special.
Just wait. My story will suck just because I failed to stay nervous and motivated. Erk.

So if you're a little anxious about not being anxious does it then cancel the issue out? *g*