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It took an attempted install of Mac OS X Leopard to uncover the sad fact that my desktop's boot disk had bad media. There were a few bad moments in there before I installed Leopard onto the second disk and discovered that the bad one was at least readable. Except for the bad sectors. Anyway, all data recovered; Leopard purring away on the desktop; development tools installed. Ready to roll.

Now that the Leopard upgrade is established as painless aside from timebomb hardware, I'll go through the house and upgrade all the Macs. We are almost entirely an OS X & Linux household these days. With the exception of our firewall, which runs FreeBSD on a diskless Soekris. Highly recommended, btw.

I have a handle on my Ninth Doctor ficathon assignment. I am going to try Nine's point of view, because I think I can't pull off the other character's viewpoint. And I have a kind of hunch about a sort of manic rapid-fire thing that I want to try for the Doctor. Dunno. This assignment still scares the pants off me.

Especially since stories are already appearing in forty_or_better, which kinda points up how late I am at starting this.

Also, have discovered new music: Vector-Lovers. Electro meets ambient, two genres I'm fond of. The album Afterglow is warm and almost emotional.
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