Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Something crashed in the room upstairs.

Giles cocked his head and listened for another moment. A second crash followed. "I think that was a lamp going over."

"Oh dear," said Watson. He handed Giles a cup. "At least he's not firing a pistol indoors this time."

"They're swordfighting."

"No room for it," Watson murmured. He took a slice of lemon.

Brain, I love and hate you. Brain just showed me a scene from the "Displaced Watcher" sequel, in which a nice soothing cuppa and conversation between Giles and Watson is interrupted when their charges have a spat. A snarkfest spat, that ends with Holmes sulking and Buffy about to have less fun than she thinks she's going to. HA! Oh crap. But I need a nice genfic antidote to all this disturbing sex writing.

Good luck to all of you doing NaNoWriMo. You can do it! I did it last year, and finished, and it was a big confidence booster to me. I think a little planning went a long way, as did a daily schedule and an indulgent spouse. The weekends were when I got the serious words in. I finished a week early because of the weekends.

Some day I will finish the story that I wrote those 55K words for. This is the "Broken Glass" series story. That one, however, will be finished before I ever post word one of it. I swear to you.

And now I return to work. One of the guiding principles of writing for small resource-constrained devices is that one must not eat all the memory there is and never give it back, and I need to make my new thingie not do violence to that principle.

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