Holmes/Watson forward

Something crashed in the room upstairs.

Giles cocked his head and listened for another moment. A second crash followed. "I think that was a lamp going over."

"Oh dear," said Watson. He handed Giles a cup. "At least he's not firing a pistol indoors this time."

"They're swordfighting."

"No room for it," Watson murmured. He took a slice of lemon.

Brain, I love and hate you. Brain just showed me a scene from the "Displaced Watcher" sequel, in which a nice soothing cuppa and conversation between Giles and Watson is interrupted when their charges have a spat. A snarkfest spat, that ends with Holmes sulking and Buffy about to have less fun than she thinks she's going to. HA! Oh crap. But I need a nice genfic antidote to all this disturbing sex writing.

Good luck to all of you doing NaNoWriMo. You can do it! I did it last year, and finished, and it was a big confidence booster to me. I think a little planning went a long way, as did a daily schedule and an indulgent spouse. The weekends were when I got the serious words in. I finished a week early because of the weekends.

Some day I will finish the story that I wrote those 55K words for. This is the "Broken Glass" series story. That one, however, will be finished before I ever post word one of it. I swear to you.

And now I return to work. One of the guiding principles of writing for small resource-constrained devices is that one must not eat all the memory there is and never give it back, and I need to make my new thingie not do violence to that principle.
(plies your brain with fish and all manner of yummy, bribey things)

I want to see Holmes/Buffy snarkfest fun!
I have so much love for your brain right now. Also, I desperately want to see Buffy and Holmes snark at each other.
And Holmes and Giles snarking. And then Watson patiently soothing them all and repointing them at the objective. Want write. Can't yet.