Technical question regarding restrictions

sahiya, I need to ask a question. Is the Drunken!Giles ficathon allowed? Because, you know, drunken Giles, Giles, holiday cheer, eggnog, silliness. I mean, read last year's stories! Drunken Giles!

I realize I might have more standing to ask such questions if I were holding a finished story for the ficathon due in three days, instead of bleating helplessly at the keyboard.
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hahaha....I think you have to look back at your last few posts and you'll know the answer.
No. No, it is not. There shall have to be drunken!Giles without you this year.

I, however, might be persuaded to participate. Grr.
Am I the only one that can hear the sulking in that reply??? Just sign up already! You know you want to. The more, the merrier, right?

*evil giggles* ;)

Fear not! for I myself have signed up for the Drunken Giles ficathon in your place! {loosens collar and cravat in a Tale of Two Cities kind of way}
I have 10 days to make myself forget all my resolutions. Meanwhile, I pimp and dance with glee when I lure others into signing up!
Hee! ::pets the drunken!Giles:: Even if you don't enter this year, sweetie, I'm glad to know you're tempted. ::is slightly evil:: *G*

Thanks for the pimp!
I got you two signups :) Which is awesome by me, because that means I have more drunk!Giles fic to read!