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A brief comment from the code mines

Really, friends, "If you're anxious for to shine" is just so agonizingly right. Even if John Reed's timing is not entirely so. Ouch.

I continue to love Patience best.

Buried somewhere not very far down is a rant about the word "code", which is a noun and refers to "the source", as in, lines of instructions to a compiler or interpreter (or if you're hardcore, an assembler). If used as a verb or in the form "coder", I know that the speaker has likely not written software of any kind.* It's not a regional thing, like Seattle's "devs" usage to describe what Silicon Valley calls "engineers". To me a "developer" is a "third-party developer", as in, somebody who writes software for my platform. But that developer is an "engineer" from his own perspective.

The word "hack" (noun, verb, in the form "hacker") is complicated. It has one meaning outside the profession, many meanings within. Some of those meanings are flat-out positive, and some of them are insults. They all resonate with the rich history of the word: early hacker culture was not about computers. Context is all.

Oh, I do love language so.

*An exception: gamer mod culture refers to the programmers on a mod as "coders". But I bet that's not how they think of themselves.
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How about 'pirate'? A la Penzance, or mebbe Torrentz? You want wordfun, I recommend FreeRice.com. For a brief shining moment today I hit 47 - I'm still lightheaded from the buzz.
HA! tons of fun. I just hit 47, and the question they just asked is "snickersnee". Which is hilarious, given that we were just discussing G&S.
The vocab is not really my working vocab, though it overlaps the extremes: lots of loan-words in that set.
Woo!! 49!! OMG Mr. Budgie got to 38 & is resting on his laurels. I havn't told him he has no laurels. I really recommend Eric Idle in The Mikado, I think it was some London company.
Mr P & I refer to that as "travestying". The product is a "travesty". This word is better suited to Mr P's singing than "filk".