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The day's discoveries

1. I'm not ready to be back at work. The app I'm supposed to be writing really should be a plum project: from scratch, not a maintenance project; I get to design it, both feature set and UI; it's something I'll use myself every day. And yet, I find myself filled with horror at the idea of starting to write code for it. Time to go on vacation again. Or back to school. Or elsewhere.

2. I crave feedback on the stories, and have none. Sigh. A, I shouldn't crave it; and B, if I really want it I know how to get it; and C, I should be happy not to get it on the mess that is the Core Four story. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I should have held onto it until after I'd figured out the structure problem. And that it will be killer after I fix that, and I know how to fix it, and I can see exactly how it's going to go, and wouldn't I rather be doing that than writing some mobile app in stupid Java the programming language designed by fools for morons who can't be trusted with pointers.

3. Marriage. Pound. Head. On. Desk. It is not easy.
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