The day's discoveries

1. I'm not ready to be back at work. The app I'm supposed to be writing really should be a plum project: from scratch, not a maintenance project; I get to design it, both feature set and UI; it's something I'll use myself every day. And yet, I find myself filled with horror at the idea of starting to write code for it. Time to go on vacation again. Or back to school. Or elsewhere.

2. I crave feedback on the stories, and have none. Sigh. A, I shouldn't crave it; and B, if I really want it I know how to get it; and C, I should be happy not to get it on the mess that is the Core Four story. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I should have held onto it until after I'd figured out the structure problem. And that it will be killer after I fix that, and I know how to fix it, and I can see exactly how it's going to go, and wouldn't I rather be doing that than writing some mobile app in stupid Java the programming language designed by fools for morons who can't be trusted with pointers.

3. Marriage. Pound. Head. On. Desk. It is not easy.
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Honey if marriage were easy, there wouldn't be so many divorces in this country.

And does my feedback not count? Or am I your biggest fan? Course I'm having my own problems. I've got Giles and Xander in the same bed, but now i'm staliing. I need to force myself to sit down and write the damn sex scene and get it over with.
> Honey if marriage were easy, there wouldn't be so many divorces in this country.

Oh god, don't I know it. I adore the guy. There's nobody I'd rather spend time with. And he's driving me mad. And probably he's saying exactly the same thing about me. Gah.

And babe, your feedback counts and made me very happy. Really. Wouldn't have posted if you hadn't liked it. I'm just being insecure.

Hey, ask yourself why writing the sex scene is hard. Is it hard because the characters don't want it? This might be some part of your brain telling you that you haven't moved them to the right place emotionally yet. In that case you have to go earlier in the story for the source of the block.

Or is it hard because you're worried about whether you can write it or not? To which I say: the job of a first draft is to suck, but be complete. Go ahead and write it and let it suck! Once it's all in place, you can worry about making it good. Create first, edit later.
I think its more of the second combined with its the first time I've written slash. But I know how I want it to go. Almost wrote it last night, but stopped cause it was late. Should of just wrote it and slept in.

and I'm glad my feedback made you happy. yours makes me happy too. I got way more on my lj than at the groups, I even wonder if its getting read over there. but the one comment I got from posting it there is what led to plot bunnie for the sequel so i guess that's a good thing. I'm alos contemplating posting it at tweedandtea.
I love the Core Four fic. I can see how the mirror structure you were talkiing about would improve it, but it's already very good. I particularly enjoyed that you took the time to lead up to the smut - not only because anticipation is much of the fun, but because I'm interested in why two (or four) people are falling into bed as much or more as in what they do once they're there.
Erm, Antennapedia? There is one tiny problem with you posting on Giles_WAtchers today. You are currently listed as a watcher, if you could go to the info page and click on join this community, I can then add you as a poster. Thanks!
And I'm launched! That wasn't so bad. Assuming I'm checking 1/10th of the places I should be checking.