Iterim censeo, Carthago delenda est.

And furthermore, snap.com popup previews are wildly annoying.

ETA: hostperm.1 editing is a two-second fix in any Mozilla-based browser. host script 2 snap.com and you're done.
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It took one coming up right smack on top of what I was trying to read, and that was it. Grrrrrfle.
They've got a turn it off button though. the cog bit. though you have to actually poke them to find out, rather than trying to get your mouse away as fast as possible.
Ah. I didn't even notice that. I just blocked all content from them in my browser. Well, that's not so bad!
i totally hate them. i wish there was some way to filter them out so i didn't have to see them on other people's pages as well. *sigh* lj, how can you wrong us again ... let me count the ways...
BE describes a way to disable them by clicking on the gear/settings symbol in the title bar. I'm not sure that's actually working, and also unclear how they would implement such a feature. (IP address? Cookie?)