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My brain is utterly uncontrollable

Yeah. You wanted 10K words kicking off a longer storyline involving Xander and Giles in a D/s relationship at the end of season 4, didn't you. Last night I wrote something with Giles, Xander, Willow, and Tara that surprised me. The four of them are kind of majorly a lot out of sympathy with Buffy, but that's the story driver. Situation can't stay stable. No matter who Giles is sleeping with, Buffy matters to him. (You wanna freak me out, write a story in which that's not true and make me believe it.)

"Helios Hyperion" also got very interesting in my brain. Am writing a bit of past flashback in that universe. The plot once it starts moving forward again gets sticky. No, not that way. Well, okay, that way, but mostly: What do you have once the spell that lets you all pretend Dawn is normal goes away? And Dawn is in fact no longer entirely normal? You have a glorious conflict-ridden story, that's what you have!

And then there's all the previous WIPs.

Two ficathon stories. One of them I'm dreading. The other should be fun. If I can ever get started on them. By Armistice Day, it'll be all over and I can resume writing like a French peasant cooks. adarog told me the other day that Madeleine L'Engle described her process this way. I found the metaphor comforting, because my process has begun to alarm me.

In conclusion, you can all worry that Buffy fandom is fading all you like. I have another several hundred thousand words of Giles stories in me, and I'll be writing them whether you read 'em or not. So there!
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