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In which I attempt to be other than the lazy slob that I secretly am

One of my vacation tasks was to identify things I felt stressed about, and deal with the stressors by either eliminating them from my life or by solving the underlying problem. One set of stressors is the pair of Giles-related comms I inherited from agilesreader.

First off was recruiting to fill holes in the giles_fic_recs roster. Done! Slash is probably under-represented now. Mostly what I want in that comm is variety, so everybody can find something to read. I should tweak my own search patterns, I guess-- I had been accumulating lists of genfic, but I should switch to looking for slash. Okay! My brief will be to find a bunch of Giles/Wesley, Giles/Spike, and other slash pairing stories that I think are cool. Which should be fun: reading outside the usual comfort zones is fun.

Because what I really am is a Giles fan. I have a near-OTP, but it's not OTP-ish in the sense of "can't cope with other pairings". If Giles is well-written, I'm happy.

Next up: finding some more people to take the strain off for giles_watchers. The problem there is that utterly hideous stolid reliability is what's called for. It's easy to do, particularly if you use the shared account plus the post-generating script I wrote. But it has to be done nearly every day. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the Giles Watcher. It needs a certain personality type, I think. The kind of quiet, heroic fan who runs the mimeo machine for five hours then staples everything, all for a cup of tea and a cookie.

kambee, you rock. All the giles_watchers posters past, you rock too.

That comm is important to me as an index of what's going on in the Giles fandom. LJ is an awful place to post fiction, for many reasons. Some of them are related to the mixing of personal blogging with fic-posting (people f-lock and turn off Google indexing because of their personal posts, thus seriously damaging the accessibility of their fic). And some of them related to the fact that the site was designed to afford blogging, not story archiving. Many factors conspire to make finding fiction is nearly impossible. This creates the need for newsletters like su_herald and whedon_updates.

What I really want is a lighter-weight way to submit story links to Fanworks Finder. And wider use of cross-archive tools like that. But it'll only happen if it's easy. Maintaining a zillion accounts across a zillion sites is a pain. Huh. Think, think.

Double huh. I should revise the Gileswatching script. Category sort order and the mappings of tags to categories should be data-driven. NO. Wrong. Bad. Write work software first. Speaking of which...
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