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10 books that are comfort reading

Comfort reading: You're feeling down, so you reach for a book that you know will make you feel better, even though you've read it dozens of times. Perhaps because you've read it dozens of times. Pick ten. Say why.

Connie Willis, Bellwether
Sometimes I like to imagine this book as a Tracy & Hepburn vehicle. Can't you just see it? That thought makes me long for the technology of Remake, and then I feel guilty.

Dorothy Sayers, Murder must advertise
Though sometimes I'll just rip through and reread everything, if in need of extended comfort. Except Five red herrings, which I haven't reread in decades and I bet you haven't either.

Terry Pratchett, any of the Vimes books, though most often Guards! Guards!
Vimes is comforting. Granny Weatherwax is not. Pratchett is brilliant.

Steven Brust, The Phoenix Guards
What, you pretend to want to know why I love this book? Then I shall tell you! You have been wanting to hear nothing else this age.

John Galsworthy, The man of property
Possibly books become comfort reading when I have come close to memorizing them, and the experience of reading becomes a narcotizing series of confirmations. There is certainly nothing inherently comforting about the story of Soames Forsyte's marriage.

Jane Austen, Pride and prejudice
The greatest novel written in the English language is lively and funny and has a happy ending. How can this not be comforting?

John M Ford, The final reflection
During some misery I experienced earlier this year, I read it twice in a row. I would describe this book as fanfiction's greatest achievement. I'll defend that statement if you like.

Janet Kagan, Uhura's song
More fanfiction, and definitely in the 'embarrassing' category. But everything turns out okay and there are giant intelligent cats.

Diane Duane, The book of night with moon
More intelligent cats, wizards this time. Intelligent cats must be inherently comforting.

Orson Scott Card, Ender's game (preferably the novella version)
I loathe the writer as human being, because of his attitudes toward other human beings, and sometimes his writing makes my skin crawl. I think he has no clue what's great about this story himself. But this is an abused child makes good story, and comforting to me.
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