Must amend the meta-post

1. Worked madly all day. Really insanely madly. And on the stuff I'm supposed to be working on, too.
2. Wrote nothing on anything, neither the stuff I should be working on, nor the stuff I shouldn't be. This is related to item 1.
3. Note to self: close browser tabs with research on flogger materials before toting MacBook to work.
3a. Also change Giles/Buffy desktop to something more generic, like NASA satellite photos. Or photos taken by the Mars rovers. Those are suitable. Not that the desktop was unsuitable, just that it was kinda unprogrammery. I felt it was damaging my nerd cred.

Random link for today: Van Halen demonstrates, live on stage, that 48kHz is not the same as 44.1kHz. No one in our office can listen to more than a few seconds of this.

Now I'm going to sack out and fail to catch up on the last three weeks of Heroes.
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Mars rover shots are also freaking amazing desktops. I get the charge, every time I look at them, of thinking that's another planet. That photo was taken on another freakin' planet!
Van Halen demonstrates, live on stage, that 48kHz is not the same as 44.1kHz.

OUCH! That is seriously fucked up.

Me? I wrote my first ever Due South fic today. It's off to the beta as we speak.

What's nerd-inappropriate about Buffyness? It's referenced all the time on Eureka in connection with the single nerdiest nerd in town, and that's good enough for me!
Well, it's kinda the Giles/Buffy-ness that's a bit too florid. Not that I can ever see my desktop under four million open source files.
Hmmm...perhaps it's something like mine where you can barely make out the B/G under all the unfiled Sims zip files?
Rule 3, excellent rule!

My current desktop is a volcano erupting on a moon of Jupiter, but I think it's due for a change.
On the plus side, the tab is still there, full of information on thud versus sting. Oh, the strange things we research!
I watched it through and the performance seemed remarkably like the Van Halen concert I attended ('round aout '86 or so.) Do you think anyone in the audience was sober enough to notice? ;)
That was amazingly bad, to the point where I couldn't listen the whole way through. Though I did spend some time saying, "hey! is that David Lee Roth singing, the way god intended Van Halen to be?" Yeah, I'm not really keeping up with the pop music thing at the moment. If it's not coming out of a rack of synthesizers, I'm probably not paying attention to it.
Note to self: Next time Antenna says she can't listen to some musical thing for more than a few seconds, I should deffinitely NOT follow the link.


What? What's that you say? I don't think I can hear anymore!
# 3 on your list - LMAO!!! If it's not taking the thing to work, it's one of the kids wandering in and asking "What's that?" I've had to think fast to get out of a few of those situations.

Van Halen, I watched it all the way through, it was like one of those car wrecks that you know you shouldn't look at, but just can't help yourself. I was also trying to figure out if that was Diamond Dave singing.
It definitely was, by the way. That voice is distinctive. Some kind of reunion tour. Next time, guys, hire a keyboard player. The part isn't hard, and the OB-X can still be found if you want that specific Oberheim sizzle.
I had a Buffy/Giles desktop on my work computer and some moron came by and asked if that was my wedding picture. After I picked my jaw off my desk, I said yes, it was. Hey, if they are that stupid, lying to them is practically a public service.