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Prompts needed

Prompt me on the G/X "Rough Boys" continuation. What do you want to see?

I've got a handle on the emotional stuff, and on overall storyline. It's just that in my current mood, I'd sort of skip the intervening bits and go right to the post-event cuddle. Need hook. Leather hook.
Well, in reading over the second part of Rough Boys, it seems like you've already laid out some pretty nice plans. The St Andrews Cross, the flogger, the cock ring...it's all good. And have I mentioned how much I love confident Xander? Not just throwing Giles up against a wall and screwing him, but taking care of him intelligently.
I also love confident!Xander. And competent!Xander. I see this guy's arc through all of S4 being quite different from canon, to lead him to this place with this kind of experience. That blessed summer in Oxnard has a million fic jumping-off uses.
Competent, there's the word I was looking for.

I love to see the working, like in that part of Blackmail, the first night where Buffy punishes him and is concentrating on doing it right and thinks to herself afterwards that it was more work than she thought it would be, but worth it. Or like the cooking ficathon you did. It's all about the process. I love that you're doing Rough Boys from Xander's POV, because I want to know how he's working it out.
Skillful use of the aforementioned flogger.

Giles being restrained, especially during the actual f*ck*ng.

Xander getting Giles to *talk*, to express himself--breaking through the silent stoicism, intelligently, as fuzzyboo03 said above, not just with brute force.

A mixture of pain and tenderness.

That's all I got this morning.