Giles/Buffy couch

Draws in sand with toe, fidgets

Well, er, it's not finished, and it's over 2000 words despite my prediction, but I think I've found a way to give you all of what you wanted in the poll: "Helios Hyperion", Giles/Buffy, unabashed romance, h/c, and more or less vanilla smut of the scorcho variety. Though not all in the same sequence.

Um, and I wrote some G/Xander as well. Um. Finishing: not my strong point today.

Random for today: Steven Pinker on swearing. Must read!
Huh. My drood dinged 65, & didja hear? Feral Druids do it on all fours! ahaahaahaa
Hey, whenever. I am looking forward to vanilla scorcho I must say.
We dinged 66. Mr P is about half a level ahead of me, though, thanks to an afternoon spent rep farming. We did runs of two instances in the Hellfire Citadel today, our first experience with BC instances. With some of Mr nemaihne's guildie-friends. Ripped through 'em. Will cheerfully run them again, because they are short and easy compared to coordinating a full 40-man raid of Molten Core.

It's like I speak a whole third language, you know? English, programmer-speak, and gamer-speak.
Yay! (I'm not being stupid and missing where you posted it, right?)
Not finished. Nuffin is finished today. Sigh. And I'll always post at least a link here for easy fic-findin'.
go you for writing! I got your finishing mojo today, but I'll give it back tomorrow. Or trade you for some editing straw to gold magic, which I shall have desperate need of.

The essay on swearing lost me here: gynecological-flagellative term for uxorial dominance. Sadly, I know what each of these words means individually. But I have no idea what profanity he's euphemizing (is that a word?)
Last year my son asked me why people cursed. I told him because it's fun. He was delighted with that response, and can't wait until he's old enough to enjoy it as well. Er, that's probably another bad mother story, isn't it?
I think that answer is brilliant, and as honest as it gets. And not so far from Pinker's explanation. Hee!