teh sex

It's been at least five minutes since my last ficpoll

Tomorrow I'll write and post a < 2000 word continuation of one of two in-progress things. You can help me pick which one!

Poll #1074850 Ficpoll Mark VI

Which story?

Helios Hyperion (Giles and Buffy, in LA, possible Dawn/Ethan repercussions)
Rough Boys (Xander is about to take Giles somewhere)

How smutty?

Scorch us.
See if you can make yourself blush.


Unabashed romance.
Assfucking festivus, please. With whoever it was I picked in my story vote.
Bodymods: tats & piercings.
Pain. Administered however.
Woah, nelly! Vanilla's fine by me.

Random prompt, in case you're stuck.

ETA: And I really should credit: "ass-fucking festivus" is tm violetisblue. It is making me laugh and laugh.
So far, it's Giles/Buffy by a landslide, with romance and hurt/comfort. And you all want me to shock myself, but not with the whacky stuff. Okay, then!
Noooooo....how did the vote slip from Giles/Xander? I need my Rough Boys continuation!
I hate to say it, but Xander was never in the lead on this one. It was G/B from the starter's gun. (But I will continue it. When I'm feeling less blocked.)
I'm looking forward to seeing how you manage to make yourself blush with mostly vanilla sex! LOL!

Of course, assfucking festivus is in third place. Perhaps if a couple more votes come in for that, you'd find yourself justified in using that to make yourself blush at the unabashed romantic hurt/comfort fun.

And may I just note that the world needs more pegging fic featuring Giles? Because that highly inspriational ASH ass really is just begging for a pegging.

Yay! to more B/G, and to more G/X! Yay for more smut and more gen and more orgyfic! Yay for more Giles-centric fic of any sort!