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Rule social.b 99.1

Fanfic writers, take note. This one will solve a million slash plotting problems.

xkcd comic 330
I have to admit that when I saw that, my first thought was "I guess that explains Spike/Xander then..." ;)
Spike/Xander surprised me when I first got into the fandom. I couldn't see where the subtext for it was coming from. This was when I was naive and still believed one needed subtext for slash.
IMO season four is full of S/X subtext. Even Jane Espenson espouses this idea.

However, yes, the vast majority of slash pairings have absolutely no basis in canon whatsoever. It's exactly like xkcd says.

This is why I just don't get Stargate slash. I don't see any evidence of chemistry or subtext on the show, so none of the pairings seem interesting to me. And I am quite sure there are many people who disagree about this, but I personally don't see it.
In fandom's house there are many mansions: We can happily ship away right alongside people floating entirely different toy boats.

I guess I was too busy seeing the Giles/Xander in season 4 to notice the Spike/Xander. I also spent much of season 4 wondering what the heck Buffy saw in Riley and when the writers were going to stop desperately attempting to convince me the two had "chemistry". I'm not sold on Spike/Buffy for many reasons (most of them being that Buffy had her doomed vampire romance already, with Angel) but zomg, those two sizzled together more in five seconds than Buffy did in 20+ episodes with Riley.

Isn't Stargate the McShep show? Or am I thinking of something else?

Was also thinking: I need to love one of the characters somehow before I start seeing the subtext for them. It took me a while to warm to Xander, and I always preferred evil!Spike. So I was probably blind.
I so agree about Buffy and Riley -- no chemistry whatsoever. Ugh. Riley is one of my least-favorite characters in any case.

Yes, Stargae is the McShep show, or so people claim. I don't see the chemistry there. I know a ton of people see it, but I guess I just don't.

Was also thinking: I need to love one of the characters somehow before I start seeing the subtext for them. It took me a while to warm to Xander

That's funny, I loved Xander from the start. His bumbling, babbling charm got to me somehow. :-)

Everything suddenly makes sense - and is better with crisco!
I recently read that olive oil is the choice lubricant of many a rear-ender. Never see that in fanfic. And what's a tube of lube? I've never seen that either. Every site I've looked into has what looks more like hand lotion bottles. You gotta love buttsecks research.
You can get it packaged for single use in little plastic pillows. As with any very simple product marketed on invented characteristics, it comes in a million sizes and deployment choices. And there are vague connotations to various brand choices, but I don't know all the social signals there. Other than the obvious about products named "Boy Butter" being more likely to be used by gay men. Ditto for something named "Elbow Grease".

Thicker stuff tends to be preferred for anal sex. (Note clever use of passive voice.)

Oil-based lubes break down the latex in condoms, so the safe sex manuals tend to tell you not to use it. The olive oil luber will be going bareback. Hence the fanfic writers tend not to mention it. Nor do they mention that grand staple of the 70s, Crisco. Nobody goes near butter (thank you, Marlon Brando for that delivery). If you're setting it further back, Pond's cream might be a realistic choice.
If I hadn't put down my coffee cup, you'd owe me a new Mac about now.

Clearly my friends and I were all raised in an environment lacking in proper education in societal rules.
(laughs) Thanks for that - the perfect balm to work-rattled brain! (laughs some more)
ZOMFG. So true. I love the way the rules book is placed in P4, too.
Stargate slash is a prime example of people seeing slash subtext in the fact that there are two males on the screen at the same time. I generally use it as a reality check on fandom writers. You know I whine on and on about slashers. Well, printing any shipping news on Stargate is pretty much a sign you're way past the line of writing stories with homosexual content and into the land of slash. And don't get me started on the surreal mechanics. It's as if 90% of the writers have used the exact same informational website, complete with all the exact same mistakes.