FIC LINK: Rough Boys 2 (Giles/Xander, FRAO)

"Rough Boys" continued - Giles/Xander, FRAO

Nothing hardcore actually happens, but Xander is threatening to do quite a lot by the end. Handcuffs, leather pants, leather jackets, a flogger, a sulky Watcher, and a determined Xander. About 3400 words total, including the bit from the other day.

Now I re-read it and fix all the typos and secretly revise the hell out of it. But I posted it only two minutes after midnight EDT. Go me.
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Holy crap that was amazing. And you're killing me with the cliff hanger ending! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I think "You're going to non-linear unless you do something." maybe be missing a word, such as go.
Yup, you're right; fixed. I spotted one more typo that I kilt. I'm sure there are more lurking... let me know and I will stomp!
Congratulations. Knew you could do it. I'm wondering if I should be worried, how much you know about this interesting stuff. I'm also wondering if this ficathon stuff is creating a kind of altered state for you, similar to how this rough stuff acts on Giles....

Nope. I definitely do not want to know.

(Very well done story, though. I don't usually read stuff like this, but....)

I, er, let me just say that I am married to the most vanilla man on earth, and that little of what I write has anything to do with my actual life. The difference between what works as fantasy, or arouses us, or interests us, and what we want to do can be great.

I've got metal in non-standard places in my ears, though. That's about the only overlap of the kinkier fics with my life. The rest is research, and empathy, and the attempt to inhabit the heads of people who are not me, if only so I can write about them.