Oh noes! Seven icons meme

Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

kivrin picked seven icons :

B5 Sinclair Commander Sinclair from Babylon 5, icon by ruuger. Because, although I liked the Sheridan/Delenn story just fine, I was far more interested in the patterns of the originally-intended Sinclair/Delenn story, its circularity and its sad separation at the end when he goes back to become, well, you know who. The graphics don't stand up all that well for B5, but the story does. And it's science fiction, not fantasy-with-lasers. Real physics are behind the behaviors of the human fighter ships, for instance. Grumpy written SF fans like me have learned to treasure this when media SF gives it to us. Used on B5 discussions.

Soames Soames Forsyte, as played by Eric Porter, icon by me. Soames is my fandom woobie of longest standing. The 1967 BBC adaptation of the novels by John Galsworthy (Nobel Prize winner in lit, though his Edwardian-ness has gone far, far out of fashion) was great stuff. The recent Granada Television adaptation was quite bad, despite the huge budget. The scriptwriters failed to understand what was interesting about the Forsytes, and deliberately "simplified" the family by eliminating aunts and uncles. Ulch. Anyway, Eric Porter. Soames. Moody and unloved. Used for Forsyte discussions.

Nesbitt James Nesbitt as Jekyll/Jackman, icon by wickedfox. I very much enjoyed Jekyll, and uploaded this icon solely to discuss it with KC. Unfortunately it's high on the list of Icons To Be Eliminated when a new one I must have pops up.

Second Doctor Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, icon by me. As you know, oh flistian, I've been watching Doctor Who for the first time ever, and I've been sampling each of the Doctors. Nine was my first, and therefore most loved, but I'm a huge fan of Two and Three already. Seven... um... I will just say that Who scripts in the 80s seem to have bit big-time. Give me the slow-paced mysteries of the 60s any day. Also, love the space hobo thing Two had going, with the oversized frock coat and the missing tie.

Giles/Angel Angel and Giles, season 1, icon by 10000_pixels, from her recent set of duos from summer_of_giles 2007. Because I think there's a lot of unresolved tension, anger, hatred, resentment, and all around emotion there. I have many icons by isis_whit aka 10000 Pixels, and cycle them in and out. I love her work.

Giles/Buffy collision Another one from 10000_pixels's awesome recent batch. He's got his hand on her ass. How can I not love this? It makes me giggle, every time. I use it for lighter Giles/Buffy comments and posts. I also used it for the teaser for "Signet Ring", because that opens with these two colliding.

Snape Severus Snape, icon maker unknown. This is one of my oldest LJ icons, the oldest? Yeah. It's the oldest. It dates from the era before I learned both how to give credit for icons and the fact that one is expected to give credit for icons. I snagged stuff without recording where I found it. The artist deserves credit, let me say, because this icon is just lovely. Cropping and coloring and that delicate text: yum.
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Oh, pick me! Because I really should be writing, and I have this feeling I'll be pounding out another story in less than two days soon. (But I have Wed and Thurs off, so I may try to write then.)
I don't wanna do this meme, but hand on ass one makes me giggle too every time you use it.
I'll play. I don't have a clue what icons I have at this point.
Tell me about these icons:

You've got a lot of text-y icons, I noticed. You could talk about text icons as well, if you like!
My icons aren't particularly wild, but do me if you have the time.
Tell me about these icons:

Specifically, talk about the two different Giles-sniffing-rose icons and how you use them differently!
You might try making a post in your journal asking where the Snape icon came from and then sending a message to some of the HP fan communities with the link. I've seen several "looking for a fic" requests in hogwarts_today in the short time I've been watching there. In this case it would be "searching for the creator."

I wish I could steal that last icon.

And oh-- I imagine you could use a hug right about now if you're hard at work with deadline looming, so-- hugs.


And I don't have much more than 7 icons, many of which I just added this weekend (Things I'm not allowed to do....") But if you want to ask about a couple that catch your eye, feel free. After your deadline, of course.
I'm so doomed.
My complex story about partnerships of all kinds (good, bad, broken, breaking, new, strong, etc etc) is all in pieces on the floor. I might be able to assemble it by tomorrow, but I doubt it. GAH.
Do what you can, love. And I really want to read that story, whenever you finish it. Maybe you could write a short teaser for the deadline, and then take time to finish it?

More hugs. And tea. I send soothing tea.