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Listing books

I was just updating my profile thingie here and suppressed sudden urges to list books. I started, then realized that once started I couldn't stop. I couldn't just make one list, either. I'd have to write several:

- books that I think everybody ought to read now now now if they haven't already
- books that I think are just wonderful, thus showing off my impeccable taste
- books that I read over and over for comfort, even if they're embarrassing
- desert island books, the stack I'd take along if I were going to be dumped on a deserted island for a long time

The last is inspired by the desert island disks concept, of course, and writing lists like that is interesting. The process forces you to choose books that can stand up to intense scrutiny. Though the comfort reading list is also revealing.

I think I'll try writing these lists over the next few days. Write your own!
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