Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Sundays are boring

Have spent today:

1) Completely reconfiguring my living room. It's now rotated around from the way it was, and I have sharply reduced the number of consumer electronic devices wired to my receiver. Face it: I don't play CDs any more, so the changer can go. Also, the VCR can go. The only thing I have left on video tape that I care about is MST3K, and that's all, um, available elsewhere. Most significantly, I de-dusted everything. OMG the dust.

2) Writing for Tuesday's deadline. I think I have a handle on the story. There isn't enough time to get it right, though.

3) Playing WOW with the husband. Dinged 64. Joy.

I will likely be submarined until I post on Tuesday. Be good, now.
Tags: life

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