Sundays are boring

Have spent today:

1) Completely reconfiguring my living room. It's now rotated around from the way it was, and I have sharply reduced the number of consumer electronic devices wired to my receiver. Face it: I don't play CDs any more, so the changer can go. Also, the VCR can go. The only thing I have left on video tape that I care about is MST3K, and that's all, um, available elsewhere. Most significantly, I de-dusted everything. OMG the dust.

2) Writing for Tuesday's deadline. I think I have a handle on the story. There isn't enough time to get it right, though.

3) Playing WOW with the husband. Dinged 64. Joy.

I will likely be submarined until I post on Tuesday. Be good, now.
That sounds like an excellent use of a Sunday. I approve. You may now bask in my approval, which is worth every cent!
Boring is safe and predictable. Boring means everybody is healthy and the pets are happy and all is well. Boring is good. Yes.
Woo hoo! New living room and vacation time to enjoy it in. I should have intruded today instead of yesterday so I could see it. :)
Boring is my life, so I think it sounded like a fine day.
I'm in a cleaning frenzy, too. There is no length to which I will not go to procrastinate writing this story!
Gratz on the ding! I'm about 2 bubbles from 65 :D & halfway to 49.
I write not nor do I dust.
Mr P dinged 65 yesterday. I did not. Mr P has been farming Needlers for his dragonfly pet. Well, it's not his pet yet, not till it drops, and maybe he'll sell it to repay all the money I lent him so he could train to ride his epic mount. His swift riding ram epic mount. I think he's gone off the deep end.