Giles/Xander question

Post of writerly doom

October 16 posting date. I'm screwed. Doooooooooooomed. Also, in deep, deep trouble. What I have is an outline of a story, with some fairly vivid scenes running in my head. With no prose. No actual fictional words in the file.

Oh I am so doomed.

Fortunately I'm taking next week off, so there is some hope I can get some writing done on Monday and Tuesday.
Or I could panic and write a continuation of last night's thing. I've panicked like that before.
Or one of you could smack me upside the head with a baseball bat. I think that would be a blessed relief for us all.

Grats to Al Gore. I wish you'd been our 43rd President instead, though, dude.
You'll be brilliant, as usual. I tap you with my magical baseball bat of prose.

I'm off today to write, but so far, wee hob has been bursting in with some regularity. Maybe he can go play with the neighbor goblin soon....

Good luck.
How did your writing day go? I confess that I have read almost nothing written by anybody this week. I need to read your story and sahiya's pronto. Okay, after Tuesday. Unless procrastinating.
Not badly, until I discovered about half an hour ago that a fairly good section of text I cut and pasted into an earlier part of a document (in Pages) did not actually get saved before the file was closed. I looked around a bit, but I'm not finding anything that looks like temp files that might contain earlier versions of a document (like the one I cut out of and closed) that might ahve that text in it. So I have to try to recreate it. It is most painful and depressing.

And yeah, I know you use a versioning system that would have saved me this. Please don't tell me about it now, as the pain is unbearable enough as it is.

I am going in now and backing up everything I have to google documents, though it is very much like closing the barn door after the cows have got out...

I seriously recommend version control systems to everybody. I was just looking at the sad message from the Skyhawke admin, about how he/she lost huge amounts of work on new site features when migrating to a new system. This is what happens when you write software without version control. It's why professionals don't do that.

But I admit that setting it up is a PITA for non-programmers.

But even version control can't help you if you don't save the data in the first place :)
Or one of you could smack me upside the head with a baseball bat. I think that would be a blessed relief for us all.
Or I could make you tea. Tea and rosemary loaf cake. And we could sit out on the roof of the downstairs neighbor's porch, now that autumn has belatedly arrived in the city of swampitude siblingly affection, and drink and eat and talk of Gilesy things.
Okay, I'm into this plan. When can we start?

My vacation is now begun. I had been planning to work till 8 or 9 or so, finishing up something, but the power went out in the building around 6:30. I can take a hint! Really!
Just make sure Giles pronounces that you and your fic are doomed. He tends to be wrong about that, so then you'll know you're all set.
Second the kudos to Gore. I <3 him.

When I've emotionally regrouped from my latest tragédie, I will be reading your newest. Sometimes I can't take Xander. Especially with my beloved.
If it's any help, Buffy is Giles's best buddy in this story series, aside from the significant other thing. Watchers and Slayers. Lovers and life partners. All kinds of stuff going on. In my head, anyway. Have yet to determine if I am capable of getting it onto paper.
Yeah, completely. History will be far kinder to him than to the man who stole the election from him. Assuming we don't manage to kill ourselves with environmental disaster, that is.