Oh noes! Four things meme!

wickedfox tagged me. I am sheep. Baa! Baa!

4 Movies You Can Always Watch:
1) A Fish Called Wanda
2) Desk Set
3) A Shot in the Dark
4) Real Genius

4 Bands/Artists You Can't Get Enough of:
Going by iTunes play counts:
1) Brian Eno
2) Jon Hopkins
3) Ulrich Schnauss
4) Chicane

4 Towns You've Lived In:
1) Beverly, Mass
2) Berkeley, CA
3) Oakland, CA
4) Palo Alto, CA

4 Shows You Like to Watch
Does this mean "new on the air right now", or in general?
1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2) Heroes
3) House
4) Doctor Who

4 Websites You Visit every other minute Daily
3) my company's bug database

4 Favorite Foods
1) sushi
2) the spicy black bean burrito
3) bourbon
4) coffee

4 Places You'd Like to Be Now
1) London
2) Big Sur
3) a hot tub
4) bed

I'm too sleepy to tag anybody.
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Hmmm, when bourbon and coffee are two of your favorite foods, what does that mean?

It means you're skinnier than me for sure :)
I have see-sawed in the last decade. I'm up at the moment; on my way down again. The bourbon and coffee diet helps :) The burritos do not, damn them!
Hehe, I hear ya. My favorite two food groups are vodka and cigarettes. I like living, though, so I gave up that diet quite a while ago.