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More with the tarot as an approach to ending creative logjams

A reading for Xander in "Partners" part 2, which turns out to be the story I'm writing for Oct 16. Which is good, because it also works towards my "finish the WIPs" goal for the fall and winter.

XV The Devil Have
XV The Devil
Passion. Letting one's self go, knocking down boundaries, news, strangeness, eccentricity, exaggerations, following instinct, surrendering to emotions, desires of the senses, sexuality.
XII The Hanged Man Want
XII The Hanged Man
Trial. Difficult moment to overcome, test, obstacle, risk, change in perception, certainties that shatter, desire to change.
Knave of Pentacles Need
Knave of Pentacles
Apprentice. Trust in one's resources, playing one's cards well, beginning a career.
7 of Swords Get
7 of Swords
Deceit. Hidden risks, not showing one's true face, being astute, shrewdness, caution.

The deck is The Sorcerer's Tarot, by Antonella Castelli. The meanings are from the deck's own little white book instead of from my personal LWB this time. The artist has tinkered with the Rider-Waite-Smith imagery enough that I thought I'd stick with the suggested meanings. It's all about how the brain labors to find pattern and meaning in the input, anyway.

The Devil and the 7 of Swords are fascinating. The 7 is a hint about how I might want to wind up the plot here. The Devil is a hint about things I could focus on in the beginning. The other two cards have a great deal to say about Xander's new career as a Watcher, which is one of the things the story is about. There are a number of partnerships examined: Xander with Giles as his lover, Xander with Kennedy as his Slayer. Willow with Kennedy, Giles with Buffy secondarily (mostly as comparisons).

Consider the Devil as Xander's personal starting point: what his relationships have been about in the past, in his arrangement with Anya; what stage he's at with Giles now. Consider the Hanged Man's meaning as what he wants for himself next as a Watcher: he wishes to prove himself. Consider the Knave of Pentacles as saying that what he wants and what he needs are related. The 7 is about what's going to happen with the story and with his relationship with his Slayer. And about how he's going to get himself in trouble with Giles. Hrm. Okay. I can write this. In six days? Let's find out.

ETA: A reading for Giles:

2 of Wands Have
2 of Wands
Ambition. Choice. Power in balance.
2 of Cups Want
2 of Cups
Partnership. The recognition of friendship or love. Emotion in balance.
8 of Pentacles Need
8 of Pentacles
Apprenticeship. Dedication. The training montage.
5 of Pentacles Get
5 of Pentacles
Exposure, vulnerability. Material loss. Poverty. Perhaps someone to share the hardships with.

Same deck; my personal LWB this time. Note his starting point: poised as new Head of the Council, taking steps to advance the interests of the Slayers. He has power and he's just used it definitively. What he wants: the new relationships to succeed (his with Xander, all his new Watcherlings with their Slayers). This is an on-the-nose card to get in a story about partnerships, isn't it? What he needs: this can be viewed as either his apprenticeship, or the apprenticeship of all his new Watcherlings. What he gets: more proof (as if I needed it) that this next story segment will not resolve the overall plot. 'Cause Xander's going to fuck something up, and I need to make it a serious fuckup. Hrm. I'm not interpreting this as material loss for Giles, not in the poverty sense. It is a loss card, though. The "vulnerability and exposure" sense is more like it.
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