Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Laundry done. However, I entirely forgot to catch up on House.

Let's see. What needs saying?

Tradition & Protocol commentary is in progress. It's a long one. It's also interesting, at least to me, because the writing process for that story was long, and the story changed greatly over the course of several major drafts.

Am finally catching up on the week's reading. Am in the middle of comment-spamming you all.

Mr P and I have been watching "Tomb of the Cybermen", one of the surviving serials for the Second Doctor. We lub Patrick Troughton and his oversized frockcoat. I will scandalize the flist here, but I have never warmed to Tennant in the role. I have liked every single one of the earlier Doctors I've watched better. Okay, that's only Nine, Two, and Three so far. But still. It's not like I dislike Ten. He's okay, and I'm having fun, and what more could I ask for?

My story for my day at gilesxander Octoberfest has finally come to me. I'm not sure it's "Partners" part 2, but it's earlier in the same universe. I might do what I did for my day with spring_with_xan this year, and post a short-ish thing from early in the 'verse, and then a longer thing that moves the main story forward. I dunno.

Next week I'm going to write drabbles for the gilesxander daily prompts, and you should too. It'll be fun!

I want to write Spike/Tara, but I need a springboard that isn't something I've read before. I think... hrm. No. I have to defer this idea. Argh. Because I just had one.
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